Through five weeks, we are starting to see a bit of separation between the top few experts and the rest of the field. That being said, we still have plenty of time for shakeups. If you’re looking for an expert to check in on weekly, our in-house writer, Stephen, has been on a hot streak with his weekly “Value Index” so be sure to check it out. As always, you can see how all the experts are doing by checking out NFL Expert Standings.

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Be sure to come back each week for a review of the Industry Consensus picks highlighting the top (and bottom) grades for the week and season from the experts we are tracking. For Week 5 we tracked and graded 21 sets of experts picks including the Industry Consensus list.

On to the Week 5 grades, class is in session!

Consensus Recap – Week 5

The Industry Consensus threw out a ton of selections in Week 5 and that led to a 16th place finish overall. Below is a position by position breakdown of how the Consensus fared.

QB (Score: 3.40 / Rank 10th out of 21) – Finished in the top half at the QB spot for the second week in a row. Dak Prescott and Brian Hoyer hauled in “A+” scores.

RB (Score: 2.71 / Rank 7th out of 21) – The RB spot was kind to the Consensus in Week 5. The two perfect scores were from Melvin Gordon and Leonard Fournette. Five failing grades did not help the cause here.

WR (Score: 1.88 / Rank 12th out of 21) – A much lower score but about the same order of finish as last week. Eight of the seventeen plays finished with a failing grade. The lone bright spots were “A+” grades from TY Hilton and Antonio Brown.

TE (Score: 1.30 / Rank 15th out of 20) – The TE spot was where the wheels started to come off for the week. Half of the ten plays from the Consensus finished with failing grades.

D/ST (Score: 2.13 / Rank 11th out of 19) – The Seahawks and Ravens both posted “A” grades while the Steelers, Lions and Cardinals all posted failing ones.

Head of the Class – Week 5

Each week I will highlight a few of the top experts for the week. Here are the experts that deserve a “gold star” for Week 5 based on their cumulative grades for all players they touted this week.

#1) Daily Overlay – Value Index (Score: 3.86) managed to climb up one spot this week to the top of the heap. Of Stephen’s seven plays, he received “A+” grades from Melvin Gordon and TY Hilton.

#2) DK Playbook (Score: 3.50) found the top-3 for Week 5. Despite five failing grades, DK Playbook posted “A+” grades from Mike Wallace and two D/ST plays in the Dolphins and Jags. They were the lone expert to play both Mike Wallace and the Jags D/ST.

#3) Sportsline (Score: 3.33) and their optimized utilized “A+” grades at the WR spot from Antonio Brown and Hilton to claim a top-3 spot.

Top Value – DK Playbook (3.33 DK Pts/$1000) ran away with the “Top Value” title this week.

Head of the Class – Week 5 (By Position)

Sometimes there is just that one class that you excel in. In this section, I will highlight who the top experts were at each position for Week 5.

QB – DailyFantasyNerd, GoingFor2 (10.00) used Prescott and Hoyer, respectively, to score the top spot at the QB position.

RB – Rotoballer (6.50) made two nice plays with an “A+” from Melvin Gordon and a “B” from Andre Ellington.

WR – Sportsline (5.25) scored an “A+” on half of their four plays at the position from Brown and Hilton.

TE – FantasyPros (3.25) was the best of the bunch at the TE spot. As their score indicates, the TE position was not the most fruitful for our experts in Week 5.

DST – DK Playbook (10.00) rolled up two “A+” grades from the Jags and Dolphins. As stated above, DK Playbook was the lone expert site to play the Jags.

Study Time – Week 5

If we are going to give a gold star to the top experts of the week, we also need to determine which experts might need to put in some extra study time to pull up those grades. Here are the Week 5 experts that didn’t make the grade this week.

  • DailyFantasySportsRankings (Score: 1.54) doesn’t normally find themselves towards the bottom in any of our sports. Week 5 was different though as eight of their 13 plays scored a “D” or worse including six failing grades.
  • Rotowire (Score: 1.38) posted an identical score to last week and has not found themselves outside the “Study Time” section in a couple weeks.

Extra Credit – Week 5

In this section, I will look to give some extra credit to experts that received an A+ grade for a player where they were the lone expert to recommend. Week 5 extra credit goes to the following:

A+ – AJ Green (RotoGrinders Consensus)
A+ – Aaron Jones (Fantasy Alarm)
A+ – Mike Wallace (DK Playbook)
A+ – Jaguars D/ST (DK Playbook)
A+ – Cole Beasley (ProFootballFocus)

Head of the Class – Season

Here are the top experts in the Overall Standings after Week 5 of the season, including which site has provided the top DraftKings points per $1000 of salary. We have just one expert perched exactly on the 4.0 threshold.

#1) GoingFor2 (Score: 3.74) hangs on to the top spot despite a small step backwards.

#2) Daily Overlay – Value Index (Score: 3.67) continued his assault upon the leaderboard. With another solid week, Stephen might find himself atop the heap.

#3) FantasyTeamAdvice (Score: 3.61) used a nice week to hop back among the season top-5.

#4) Sportsline (Score: 3.58) slipped back a couple of spots but has a comfortable gap between themselves the the 5th spot.

#5) DailyFantasyNerd (Score: 3.39) struggled a bit in Week 5 but still lays claim to a top-5 slot.

Top Value – DK Playbook (2.95 DK Pts/$1000)

The DailyOverlay Industry Consensus sits in 18th place in the overall standings out of 21 experts. That’s a one place drop from last week.

Head of the Class – Season (By Position)

Sometimes there is just that one class that you excel in. Here are the top experts at each position through Week 5 of the season including which site has provided the top DraftKings points per $1000 of salary.

#1) GoingFor2 (7.00)
#2) DailyFantasyNerd (6.20)

Top Value – GoingFor2 (3.96 DK Pts/$1000)

#1) DK Playbook (5.22)
#2) RotoGrinders Lineup Builder (4.29)

Top Value – DK Playbook (4.49 DK Pts/$1000)

#1) Daily Overlay – Value Index (4.82)
#2) GoingFor2 (3.43)

Top Value – Daily Overlay – Value Index (2.73 DK Pts/$1000)

#1) Daily Overlay – Value Index (5.75)
#2) Rotowire (5.20)

Top Value – FantasyPros (3.43 DK Pts/$1000)

#1) DailyFantasyNerd (6.60)
#2A) DailyFantasyCafe (3.80)
#2B) Sportsline (3.80)

Top Value – DailyFantasyNerd (4.62 DK Pts/$1000)

Thanks once again for reading. Suggestions appreciated in the comments. Let’s see who can make the grade for the remainder of the season!

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