Things leveled off a bit in week two with the experts having better weeks than the first one. We’ll hold off on posting a Ownership Percentage article until next week. I think that three weeks worth of data is a great starting point for that piece. Stephen and his Value Index put together a solid week to get the home team towards the top of some of the boards.

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Be sure to come back each week for a review of the Industry Consensus picks highlighting the top (and bottom) grades for the week and season from the experts we are tracking. For Week 1 we tracked and graded 21 sets of experts picks including the Industry Consensus list.

On to the Week 1 grades, class is in session!

Consensus Recap – Week 2

The Industry Consensus had another rough week with a 16th place finish overall. Below is a position by position breakdown of how the Consensus fared.

QB (Score: 3.57 / Rank 14th out of 21) – Better than last week but still a below average finish. The highlight this week was an “A+” grade from Tom Brady.

RB (Score: 3.67 / Rank 11th out of 21) – The RB position brought home a middle-of-the-road finish in week 2. Ty Montgomery and CJ Anderson hauled in “A+” grades while the Consensus was let down by Zeke Elliott and Kerwynn Williams.

WR (Score: 1.38 / Rank 14th out of 21) – A very poor week at the WR spot but still managed to outscore several experts. Nine of the 13 picks scored a failing grade.

TE (Score: 2.60 / Rank 17th out of 21) – Another poor week at TE with three of the five plays finishing with a failing grade. The bright spot was Gronk and his “A+” grade.

D/ST (Score: 4.33 / Rank T-7th out of 21) – The D/ST position was the hot spot for the Consensus in week 2. Two “A+” grades from the Ravens and Bucs.

Head of the Class – Week 2

Each week I will highlight a few of the top experts for the week. Here are the experts that deserve a “gold star” for Week 1 based on their cumulative grades for all players they touted this week.

#1) Sportsline (Score: 5.89) threw together a solid lineup with their optimizer. Six of their nine plays scored “A” or better including four “A+” grades. Allen Hurns was a sneaky play for an “A+” grade.

#2) RotoGrinders Lineup Builder (Score: 5.56) made it another optimizer atop the list. They also had an “A” or better with six of nine plays and four “A+’s”.

#3) Daily Overlay – Value Index (Score: 4.67) made a splash for the home team in week 2. Ty Montgomery and Gronk pulled in “A+” grades.

Top Value – DK Playbook (3.77 DK Pts/$1000) nailed down the “Top Value” spot with a solid output of points/dollar. Jermaine Kearse and Chris Thompson were big contributors to this as DK Playbook was the lone expert to select both.

Head of the Class – Week 2 (By Position)

Sometimes there is just that one class that you excel in. In this section, I will highlight who the top experts were at each position for Week 2.

QB – RotoGrinders Lineup Builder, DailyFantasyNerd (10.00) both utilized Tom Brady to top the list.

RB – DK Playbook, Rotowire (10.00) both had CJ Anderson locked into their lineups. DK played Chris Thompson and Rotowire played Ty Montgomery for their other “A+” grades.

WR – Daily Overlay – Value Index (5.00) got an “A” from Keenan Allen with his lone pick.

TE – Rotowire, RotoGrinders Lineup Builder, Daily Overlay – Value Index, Sportsline (10.00) all scored an “A+” with their only TE selections.

DST – RotoGrinders Lineup Builder, DailyFantasyNerd, Sportsline (10.00) all scored “A+” grades. RG Lineup Builer and Sportsline with the Ravens and DFN with the Bucs.

Study Time – Week 2

If we are going to give a gold star to the top experts of the week, we also need to determine which experts might need to put in some extra study time to pull up those grades. Here are the Week 2 experts that didn’t make the grade this week.

  • FantasyCPR (Score: 1.00) had a rough go in week two. Half of their 12 plays finished with a failing grade and they had no picks finish better than a “B” grade.
  • Rotoballer (Score: 2.00) also struggled in the 2nd week. Rotoballer’s best grade was an “A” and two of their eight plays finished with a failing grade.

Extra Credit – Week 2

In this section, I will look to give some extra credit to experts that received an A+ grade for a player where they were the lone expert to recommend. Week 2 extra credit goes to the following:

A+ – Trevor Siemian (Fantasy Alarm)
A+ – JJ Nelson (Fantasy Alarm)
A+ – Michael Crabtree (Fantasy Alarm)
A+ – Chris Thompson (DK Playbook)
A+ – Jermaine Kearse (DK Playbook)
A+ – Emmanuel Sanders (DailyFantasyCafe)

Head of the Class – Season

Here are the top experts in the Overall Standings after Week 2 of the season, including which site has provided the top DraftKings points per $1000 of salary. We now have five experts above 4.0 on the year.

#1) DailyFantasyNerd (Score: 4.44) hopped up a couple of spots to take the lead in the season-long standings.

#2) Rotoballer (Score: 4.28) made a leap (and a big one) into the overall top-5 after two weeks.

#3) Sportsline (Score: 4.22) with a solid week and positioned themselves well within the leaderboard.

#4) FantasyTeamAdvice (Score: 4.17) with a good week. FTA will look to continues its success across all sports this NFL season.

#5) Daily Overlay – Value Index (Score: 4.00) slides into the top-5 and sits right on that 4.0 threshold.

Top Value – Daily Overlay – Value Index (3.11 DK Pts/$1000)

The DailyOverlay Industry Consensus sits in 19th place in the overall standings out of 21 experts.

Head of the Class – Season (By Position)

Sometimes there is just that one class that you excel in. Here are the top experts at each position through Week 16 of the season including which site has provided the top DraftKings points per $1000 of salary.

#1A) RotoGrinders Lineup Builder (7.50)
#1B) GoingFor2 (7.50)

Top Value – GoingFor2 (3.73 DK Pts/$1000)

#1) DK Playbook (7.00)
#2) Rotowire (6.50)

Top Value – DK Playbook (5.14 DK Pts/$1000)

#1) Rotoballer (4.80)
#2) DailyFantasySportsRankings (4.33)

Top Value – Daily Overlay – Value Index (3.08 DK Pts/$1000)

#1) Sportsline (7.50)
#2A-B) RotoGrinders Lineup Builder, Daily Overlay – Value Index (6.50)

Top Value – GoingFor2, DailyFantasyNerd (4.48 DK Pts/$1000)

#1) DailyFantasyNerd (10.00)
#2) Sportsline (6.50)

Top Value – DailyFantasyNerd (7.34 DK Pts/$1000)

Going to wait one more week before I publish the ownership percentages article. Three weeks of data seems like a perfect starting point so that nothing is skewed too much. Let’s see who can make the grade for the remainder of the season!

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