Today is the day that marks the end of summer…for me.

I survived the bachelor dad life last week, but it’s back-to-school for me today.

It was a great summer. Lots of DFS success, getting to spend time with my family and watch my daughter mold into a sharp, little tiny human. She’s so much different now than she was when school let out back in May. It’s crazy.

I am excited to return to the world of education. Not only does it signify a new beginning, it also means football season is right around the corner, and I can’t wait.

Seriously, I am about ready for baseball season to end. When the Rangers are abysmal and you grind DFS baseball daily, change is always welcome.

But I still enjoy playing baseball DFS of course, I am just ready for something new and the NFL is just so great that I can’t wait to get my hands dirty, my feet wet and any other figurative cliche you can name regarding getting started on something.

And tonight looks like a fun slate. It’s only 7 games, no Coors and two games in two ballparks that are considered hitter’s parks. We also have a few aces to choose from and lots of gas cans.

We don’t have a full slate, so no rankings this go around.

I feel like tonight is another slate where not a lot sticks out and need to see what lineups look like before making any huge decisions. I like to have a core of players to build my lineups around, or as many people call them – one-offs.

But there aren’t a lot of one-offs at multiple positions that I am in love with at the moment. There are quite a few first basemen I like, but I am not going to recommend them all because not all will make noise. Instead, I will incorporate them as part of team stacks tonight.

Let’s get after it!


Brent Suter – SP – Milwaukee Brewers – $6,400

Analysis: So is it that time that I finally buy into someone and they shit the bed and implode? I am hoping that is not the case with Mr. Suter, who has been excellent since his callup. Tonight he might get quite the watered-down lineup against the Twins. It already looks like Sano won’t be in the lineup and Dozier was removed this weekend for light-headedness, etc. so he also may not be playing. That leaves a lot of scrubs for this crafty lefty who has held RH bats in check with a .307 wOBA, a 26% hard contact rate and a 0.75 HR/9 rate. He strikes out RH bats at an 8.35 clip and lefties at a 6.59 K/9.

Kris Bryant – 3B – Chicago Cubs – $5,300

Analysis: What? Are you surprised? If you follow the Index, Bryant is a must-play against lefties, especially mediocre to bat ones. Who is on the mound tonight for the Giants against the Cubs? Matt Moore. Is he a lefty? Yes. Is he a mediocre pitcher? Yes. Moore allows a .331 wOBA and 34% hard contact rate to RH bats. If you want to get adventurous, Moore has been awful against lefties too and Rizzo demolishes them. I like Rizzo a lot, but he will be a guy I use to stack with, not play one offs

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