Why hello again everyone. It’s the Wednesday split edition of BvP for MVP.

Last night was a pretty successful night with many of our selections paying off. Let’s keep that momentum riding into tonight’s half slate!

Don’t forget to check out dailybaseballdata.com for all stats for today’s early and late games.

Today I am going with the same route I did yesterday, especially since we are only doing the evening slate and there are less games.

Chris Davis – 1B – Orioles – vs. Anibal Sanchez – DraftKings – $4,400

BB% vs. R ISO vs. R Hard% vs. R BAA vs. R wOBA vs. R wRC+ vs. R Davis BvP
13.4 % 0.271 41.8 % 0.224 0.352 118 6-for-14, 1 2B, 3 HR, 5 BB

Analysis: For a guy who is an extreme groundball pitcher, Aaron Sanchez has been torched by Crush Davis, including 5 walks allowed to the Orioles’ first baseman. Sanchez is being spared down the stretch to save his arm, so I am a little worried Davis may not see him much should Sanchez be limited in any way. But with 3 HRs off of a solid pitcher, Crush has a ton of upside in this matchup for me.

Wilson Ramos – C – Nationals – vs. Adam Morgan – DraftKings – $4,100

BB% vs. L ISO vs. L Hard% vs. L BAA vs. L wOBA vs. L wRC+ vs. L Ramos BvP
8.9 % 0.311 32.5 % 0.311 0.403 152 3-for-5, 1 HR

Analysis: The eye surgery has been working for Ramos this season, especially against lefties. Phillies’ southpaw Adam Morgan is no captain of the rotation. He’s more like a guy who should be scrubbing the poop deck. Ramos’ ISO is above the .300 mark and his wOBA is above .400, you should like that combination tonight against the Phillies’ young lefty.

Jay Bruce – OF – Mets – vs. David Phelps – DraftKings – $3,700

BB% vs. R ISO vs. R Hard% vs. R BAA vs. R wOBA vs. R wRC+ vs. R Bruce BvP
8.0 % 0.276 38.9 % 0.254 0.351 118 3-for-7, 1 2B, 2 HR, 3 BB

Analysis: The Mets were kind to me yesterday, so I will return to choose a different Mets’ bat not-named Jose Reyes. David Phelps has actually been a surprisingly efficient starting pitcher this season, so he doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses. But despite not having any weaknesses, Bruce has been able to pound Phelps in his career and has 2 HRs in only 7 ABs! Also encouraging are the 3 BBs against Phelps. If Bruce feels comfortable enough to be drawing walks, that’s a huge plus to his matchup.

Anthony Rizzo – 1B – Cubs – vs. Ryan Vogelsong – DraftKIngs – $5,300

BB% vs. R ISO vs. R Hard% vs. R BAA vs. R wOBA vs. R wRC+ vs. R Rizzo BvP
12.7 % 0.267 39.2 % 0.314 0.409 157 4-for-8, 1 2B, 3 HR

Analysis: Ryan Vogelsong isn’t getting any better with age, so Rizzo at home against the aging Vogelsong is a perfect cash game play. Rizzo probably goes underowned in tournaments as well, but I think he’s very worthy in all formats tonight. Right now, I can’t say if I feel the Cubs will go overlooked a bit, but I certainly will have plenty of exposure to them tonight against this fella!

Michael Saunders – OF – Blue Jays – vs. Yovani Gallardo – DraftKings – $4,800

BB% vs. R ISO vs. R Hard% vs. R BAA vs. R wOBA vs. R wRC+ vs. R Saunders BvP
11.1 % 0.208 38.5 % 0.262 0.347 116 1-for-3, 3 BB

Analysis: Hey, Saunders paid off in a big way yesterday, so why not go back to the well? The numbers aren’t as gaudy tonight, but Gallardo as been worse than sub-part this season. Gallardo used to be a reverse-splits guy, but something about his ability this season has swung the pendulum in the other direction. Camden favors lefty bats, and with 3 walks in 6 plate appearances, I think it’s time for Saunders to make the ball fly out of the yard.

Corey Kluber – SP – Indians – vs. Minnesota Twins – DraftKings – $11,300

9.12 0.82 0.272 3.07 3.53 38-for-182, 9 XBH, 7 HR, 54 Ks

Analysis: I can’t say I ever like picking Kluber this season. He has gone from old reliable to huge disappointment for me when rostering him in DFS. However, tonight could turn things around. He’s the only 5-figure pitcher on DraftKings and the Twins still aren’t the greatest club in the world. While Kluber has given up 7 HRs to opposing Twins players, 5 of them have come between 2 people. The strikeout upside is there tonight and the win as well with Kluber being a large favorite.

Bartolo Colon – SP – Mets – vs. Miami Marlins – DraftKings – $6,700

6.11 1.07 0.3 3.44 4.37 69-for-258, 13 XBH, 6 HR, 26 Ks

Analysis: Bartolo is at home and the Marlins are not at full strength. I like Colon’s ability to keep chugging along and his comfortability at home. The strikeout upside isn’t as high with the mini Andre the Giant, but he should pitch well enough to put himself in line for the win. He’s a value play at a thin pitcher position tonight.

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