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  • ExpertTotal PicksA+ABCDFDK Points/$1000Daily Overlay Score
    RotoGrinders - Consensus1078225102761421463872.2363.17
    DailyOverlay - On the Hill92118179621171213612.1712.98
    DailyOverlay - Stacks621121483487802512.0332.91
    RotoGrinders - 6-pack2254315163129912.1772.86
    DraftKings Playbook90016561471051114112.0092.69
    RotoGrinders - Lineup Builder57986463690862352.1062.53
    DailyOverlay - Industry Consensus244138819312227228311832.0752.47

  • ExpertTotal PicksA+ABCDFDK Points/$1000Daily Overlay Score
    DraftKings Playbook1636514151719332.0355.02
    RotoGrinders - Lineup Builder1636118221717282.0645.01
    RotoGrinders - Consensus32012039303839541.9745.00
    DailyOverlay - On the Hill2418824273032402.0894.87
    RotoGrinders - 6-pack3413332762.2084.85
    DailyOverlay - Industry Consensus541181615273711031.9784.60

  • Cash InExpertPicksA+ABCDF2017 Score
    Get PicksFantasyTeamAdvice1894422351612603.70
    Get PicksRotowire1323510151512453.69
    Get PicksProFootballFocus29967364327261003.54
    Get PicksGoingFor2133328191915403.53
    Get PicksDailyRoto570124607457651903.41
    Get PicksRotoGrinders - Lineup Builder1532915331814443.36
    Get PicksFantasyLabs29062264633191043.36
    Get PicksRotoGrinders - Consensus44089516148531383.36
    Get PicksSportsline1533019261019493.35
    Get PicksDailyFantasyNerd1513413131521553.28
    Get PicksDailyFantasySportsRankings2474924372926823.26
    Get PicksDailyFantasyCafe46188517146491563.23
    Get PicksDailyOverlay - Hot Sheet42475396951501403.08
    Get PicksFantasyAlarm602110657368772093.08
    Get PicksRotoballer128239251218413.06
    Get PicksFantasyGuruElite43577476047461583.05
    Get PicksDraftKings - Playbook199449191229862.99
    Get PicksDailyOverlay - Value Index127257141618472.97
    Get PicksIndustry Consensus88115679122921043282.96
    Get PicksFantasyPros43878315351501752.84
    Get PicksFantasyCPR14022718921632.49

  • Cash InExpertSelectionsA+ABCDFScore
    Get PicksFantasyLabs12734431632201581681215.02
    Get PicksFantasyTeamAdvice 576194731056779584.92
    Get PicksDaily Overlay - Hot Sheet887284110181108129754.82
    Get PicksRotoGrinders Consensus18876102143602522561954.77
    Get PicksRotoballer50315675806089434.74
    Get PicksRotogrinders Lineup Builder7402417314196115744.74
    Industry Consensus 29519053535614034402894.66
    Get PicksFantasyGuruElite15164641662902092191684.60
    Get PicksDailyOverlay - Value Index47915047915679564.59
    Get PicksRotogrinders NBA Grind Down 26928062995183744122834.56
    Get PicksDK Playbook10733291151781521741254.55
    Get PicksFantasyCPR19235422703732862781744.54
    Get PicksDailyFantasySportsRankings13143981332371912091464.53
    Get PicksDailyFantasyNerd7282207115684106914.53
    Get PicksFantasyAlarm22726542794303193722184.50
    Get PicksRotogrinders 6-pack 2908429604344304.47
    Get PicksDailyRoto29498303785503904803214.44
    Get PicksSportsline73520884139111107864.42
    Get PicksRotowire829214104147131144894.23
    Get PicksScout Fantasy16934501813242293012084.22
    Get PicksGoingFor21593918313025164.14
    Get PicksFantasyPros17684341723112553312653.94

  • ExpertPicksA+ABCDFDO Score
    Cody Williams - Fansided61032003.83
    Get Picksthefantasygolf.com2883234616324742.86
    Get Picksfantasygolfmetrics.com3363832669031792.82
    Ryan Baroff - Scout42350428284421232.76
    epatterson - DFSonDemand948828235222.71
    Chris Etherington - DailyFantasyCafe1201311203116292.69
    Get PicksChris Durell - DailyFantasySportsRankings1831918344716492.69
    Get PicksDailyOverlay Consensus6135964125143581642.66
    Get PicksJosh Culp - FutureofFantasy3513340668140912.65
    Geoff Ulrich - thesportsgeek.com2612329555629692.61
    Get PicksPat Mayo - rotoexperts4984651102108461452.58
    Seth Finkelstein - Rotoballer3002634596033882.53
    Get PicksDrew Phelps - Fantasy Alarm5113857103106661412.45
    Brandon Raper - FanSided544511154152.44
    Get PicksDailyFantasyInsider47448133152.40
    Get Picksstlcards84 - RotoGrinders11871226338322.39
    Get PicksLen Hochberg - Rotowire479413780120561452.36

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MLB – On the Hill – Friday (July 13)

Tonight is the Friday before the All-Star break and the beginning of the most boring few days of the year in sports. I guess it will be a good time to catch up on that yard work and spend some extra time with family and friends, or maybe I'll just work on my Fantasy...

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MLB – The Stack – Friday the 13th

It's Friday the 13th and the final edition of DailyOverlay's The Stack prior to the MLB All-Star Break. We have a full 15 games tonight. Coors is on this slate, we have a couple of stud pitchers to pay up for such as Madison Bumgarner, Rick Porcello and rookie Walker...

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MLB – DRAFT Strat – Thursday, July 12

It's the last DRAFT Strat before the All-Star Break. I hope we can make this one count as we head into a brief DFS baseball absence. Tonight we only have 7 games to draft from as a few other games got under way earlier in the day. The slate is filled with stud...

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MLB – The Stack – Wednesday, July 11

Today's intro is short and sweet. We have 3 stacks for today's slate that really stand out from Coors. There are some stud pitching options such as Chris Sale and Jacob deGrom (and Lance McCullers). If you aren't a subscriber, you will need to sign up for a free trial...

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