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  • ExpertTotal PicksA+ABCDFDK Points/$1000Daily Overlay Score
    RotoGrinders 6-Pack35074331146471392.333.08
    Daily Overlay - On the Hill1315249116721801685302.142.900
    RotoGrinders Consensus16643151471052022166792.112.897
    RotoGrinders Lineup Builder89017763411191143762.292.88
    Daily Overlay - Value Index47493381963592022.202.87
    Fantasy Alarm303749824216042842512842.092.62
    DK Playbook104216868611421374662.002.52
    Scout Fantasy19812961611182542938592.072.48
    Daily Overlay Industry Consensus472272033421851753423992.132.35
    RotoGrinders - Lucror70191333666793962.351.99

  • ExpertTotal PicksA+ABCDFDK Points/$1000Daily Overlay Score
    RotoGrinders Consensus45416356426945791.974.89
    RotoGrinders - Lineup Builder2518826214125501.934.70
    Daily Overlay - Industry Consensus925289117821451141781.974.46
    DK Playbook1936118243230301.994.44
    Daily Overlay - On the Hill34711041344638781.924.43
    Fantasy Alarm7472298858124941541.864.35
    Daily Overlay - Value Index104311271811251.874.21
    RotoGrinders - Lucror1725221122118482.234.19
    Scout Fantasy401104473662521001.783.89

  • Cash InExpertPicksA+ABCDF2017 Score
    Get PicksFantasyTeamAdvice1894422351612603.70
    Get PicksRotowire1323510151512453.69
    Get PicksProFootballFocus29967364327261003.54
    Get PicksGoingFor2133328191915403.53
    Get PicksDailyRoto570124607457651903.41
    Get PicksRotoGrinders - Lineup Builder1532915331814443.36
    Get PicksFantasyLabs29062264633191043.36
    Get PicksRotoGrinders - Consensus44089516148531383.36
    Get PicksSportsline1533019261019493.35
    Get PicksDailyFantasyNerd1513413131521553.28
    Get PicksDailyFantasySportsRankings2474924372926823.26
    Get PicksDailyFantasyCafe46188517146491563.23
    Get PicksDailyOverlay - Hot Sheet42475396951501403.08
    Get PicksFantasyAlarm602110657368772093.08
    Get PicksRotoballer128239251218413.06
    Get PicksFantasyGuruElite43577476047461583.05
    Get PicksDraftKings - Playbook199449191229862.99
    Get PicksDailyOverlay - Value Index127257141618472.97
    Get PicksIndustry Consensus88115679122921043282.96
    Get PicksFantasyPros43878315351501752.84
    Get PicksFantasyCPR14022718921632.49

  • Cash InExpertSelectionsA+ABCDFScore
    Get PicksFantasyLabs11534031551911461501085.05
    Get PicksFantasyTeamAdvice 51417867935971465.03
    Get PicksDaily Overlay - Hot Sheet817263104160100118724.83
    Get PicksRotoballer45314568675781354.83
    Get PicksRotoGrinders Consensus16925542003122262301704.82
    Industry Consensus 26718283214923664052594.68
    Get PicksRotogrinders Lineup Builder6652117012783107674.68
    Get PicksRotogrinders NBA Grind Down 24207402744513303742514.61
    Get PicksFantasyGuruElite14284341602742022061524.60
    Get PicksFantasyCPR17204972363332472491584.59
    Get PicksDailyOverlay - Value Index47915047915679564.59
    Get PicksDailyFantasySportsRankings11783611242031711891304.56
    Get PicksDK Playbook9792991071581361661134.53
    Get PicksRotogrinders 6-pack 2487524463639284.51
    Get PicksFantasyAlarm20405922453832853371984.51
    Get PicksDailyRoto27277823495093554382944.49
    Get PicksDailyFantasyNerd6521936513776103784.48
    Get PicksSportsline657187781249896744.45
    Get PicksRotowire74319894125115133784.29
    Get PicksScout Fantasy15344141652862082811804.25
    Get PicksGoingFor21513718302924134.19
    Get PicksFantasyPros15943931612722273062353.96

  • ExpertPicksA+ABCDFDO Score
    Get Picksfantasygolfmetrics.com1482012313815323.00
    Get Picksthefantasygolf.com1311417282910332.88
    Chris Etherington - DailyFantasyCafe4555612892.78
    Get PicksChris Durell - DailyFantasySportsRankings9412814265292.76
    Geoff Ulrich - thesportsgeek.com1261315252515332.74
    epatterson - DFSonDemand786725174192.67
    Get PicksDailyOverlay Consensus3313038687823942.64
    Get PicksJosh Culp - FutureofFantasy2612332456630652.63
    Ryan Baroff - Scout2232519454023712.61
    Get PicksDrew Phelps - Fantasy Alarm2812431615830772.58
    Get PicksPat Mayo - rotoexperts2391630535612722.48
    Brandon Raper - FanSided544511154152.44
    Get Picksstlcards84 - RotoGrinders604611173192.33
    Seth Finkelstein - Rotoballer1711219343120552.33
    Get PicksLen Hochberg - Rotowire2401918436025752.31
    Get PicksDailyFantasyInsider211236182.00

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NBA – What If – Friday (March 16)

NBA – What If – Friday (March 16)

Just like Wednesday, where we had a smaller NBA slate but a lot of injuries to dissect, Friday’s six-game NBA slate is also full of injuries to keep an eye on with special interest in Golden St. and Oklahoma City. Status of players on those teams will shape lineup...

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NBA – What If – Tuesday (March 13)

The injury situations for Tuesday’s big 11-game NBA slate seem to be increasing as the day goes on making tough lineup decisions potentially even tougher with so many good options on consider from cheap value plays all the way up to high-priced studs. This article...

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NBA – Hot Sheet – Tuesday (March 13)

Tuesday brings us a massive 11-game NBA slate. Despite the large slate, I seemed to have a fairly easy time zeroing in on my DFS Droppin’ Dimes plays for the day. Sure there are a few others that I have some interest in but on a large slate I want upside and this...

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NBA – What If – Monday (March 12)

Just a small four-game slate in the Association on Monday night, however, there are a few key players that have already been ruled out which opens up some value DFS options. There are also a few situations to monitor just in case other players that are expected to...

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NBA – Hot Sheet – Monday (March 12)

Time to fill out those March Madness brackets! What a great time of year for sports! Only a four-game slate in the Association on Monday night but there is still a nice mix of high-priced studs and injuries opening up some value which give us a lot of different ways...

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NBA – What If – Friday (March 9)

Buckle up it is going to be a wild ride on Friday’s 10-game NBA slate. There are a ton of impactful injuries to dissect and monitor. Key players already out or doubtful include Anthony Davis, Steph Curry, and Aaron Gordon. Check out the What If Matrix below for...

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