NFL Optimizer Grading

NFL Optimizer Grading

Welcome to the weekly NFL Optimizer Grading! As the Daily Fantasy Sports industry continues to grow, there has been an explosion of optimizers from numerous websites. Have you ever wondered how these lineups have done without risking your hard earned cash? Well before you spend money on these “optimizers” you should check their grades! Every week, we will review how these optimizers performed in both DraftKings & FanDuel and will put each lineup in a GPP and cash game.

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GPP Grading: A+ = Top 10 Tournament Finish, A = Top 10-15% Finish, B = Top 15-20% Finish, C = Minimum Cash Finish (2x your Buy-in), D = Almost Cash, F = Fail

Cash Game Grading: Cash = Doubling Your Money, No Cash = Losing Your Money

YTD Cash Game Analysis

OptimizerWeeks On ListCashNo CashTotal Buy-InWinningsROI
Build LIneupdailyfantasycafe.com888$400$4000%
Build 9810$450$400-11%
Build 10317$500$150-70%
Build 10416$500$300-40%
Build 101010$500$600-20%
Build 8511$400$250-37%
Build 10416$500$200-60%
Build 10416$500$200-60%
Build 10713$500$300-34%

YTD GPP Analysis

OptimizerWeeks On ListA+ABCDFBuy-insWinningsROI
Build 7518$315$230-27%
Build 83112$360$95-73%
Build 9117$405$50-87%
Build 93114$405$125-69%
Build LIneupfantasypros.com916110$405$375-7%
Build LIneupfantasysportsdaily.com7311$315$120-62%
Build LIneuprosternerds.com9414$405$175-57%
Build LIneuprotogrinders.com9117$405$35-91%
Build LIneuprotowire.com9612$405$230-43%


OptimizerWeeks On ListTotal Buy-insWinningsROI
Build 7$665$630-5%
Build 8$760$495-34%
Build 9$855$150-82%
Build 9$855$425-50%
Build 9$855$97514%
Build 7$665$370-44%
Build 9$855$375-56%
Build 9$855$185-87%
Build 9$855$530-38%