I for one am glad to see Week 7 of the 2016 NFL season come and pass. Like Gandalf vs. the Balrog, I wanted to slam my staff into a concrete bridge and plummet to the abyss below. If you have never seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy...well, one, you are crazy, and two, Gandalf the Grey defeats the demon Balrog, dies, then basically is reincarnated as Gandalf the White, saves the....ok, i"ll stop there. Just know that I am looking toward Week 8 like I am Gandalf the White, ready to get back on my horse, ride into Helm's Deep and kick some ass. OK, you may not have seen (or read) the trilogy still (you should), but it's awesome....and I am slowly realizing as I type this that it is now 15 years old. Ok, enough LOTR talk, this is football not an adventure to Mordor (though I guess it could be if you are really failing miserably at DFS football right now and would understand you wanting to toss yourself into the fiery depths of the volcanic mountain). Seriously now, moving on to football. Some thoughts about Week 7 and Week 8...
  1. My cash games did not have Jack Doyle on DraftKings, but I scored 169 points.
  2. I did not cash in my cash games with that hefty amount of points...because I did not have Jack Doyle (could've).
  3. I did cash in my tournament with the aforementioned lineup (1 entry, large-field, $3 version).
  4. Jay Ajayi rushed for 200 yards in back-to-back games.
  5. Jay Ajayi is on a bye in Week 8.
  6. Kevin Hogan rushed for more than 100 yards.
  7. Who is Kevin Hogan?
  8. Kevin Hogan is a rookie quarterback out of Stanford, the Browns' poor man's Andrew Luck
  9. Josh McCown might return for the Browns in Week 8.
  10. Donte Moncrief should return in Week 8.
  11. Arian Foster will not return...ever. He retired after Week 7.
  12. In a keeper league, I kept Arian Foster over DeMarco Murray (WTF was I thinking????....no clue, seriously, not one damn clue).
Now we turn our focus (finally) to Week 8 where we have just 10 games due to 6 teams on a bye as a Thursday night, a Sunday morning (London) and a Monday night game take the other contests away. I think DraftKings pricing is much tighter this week than in weeks past, though a particular RB injury opened a huge door for his backup (more on that later) and thus will allow some flexibility in lineup construction. Also, this is premium content (sorry folks, but it's worth the small fee, I promise), so I encourage you to sign up and take advantage of what we have to offer! Good luck to you in Week 8. I hope you are able to bring home the dough and take down Sauron-like tournament (dammit, I couldn't resist one more reference). Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB - Jets - vs. Cleveland Browns - $6,200 Analysis: Stop laughing. Or snickering. Or rolling your eyes. Whatever your first thoughts are with this pick, hear me out. I know FitzMagic-less has been STRUGGLING and the Jets turned to him after Geno got hurt. But the Jets handed off to Matt Forte 30+ times and got the win. Now they travel to face the winless Browns who might get Josh McCown back this week. While Fitzy has not been good this season, I can't see the Jets handing off to Forte 30 more times. Last time NY did that was in Week 2. The following week Forte got just 15 the next week and then carry totals of 15 and 12 the ensuing two weeks thereafter. The Browns have allowed a rushing touchdown in all but one game this year (and they gave up 271 yards on the ground to Cincy last week), but outside of that disastrous game, Cleveland had allowed more than 100 yards twice and has held DeMarco Murray and LeGarrette Blount in check. The Browns also have allowed just 159 total rushing yards at home this season. Where have the Browns been most consistent? Consistently bad stopping the passing game. In all games this year, the Browns have allowed 2 or more passing touchdowns and have allowed 300+ passing games in 4 games already. Will the streak of 2 or more TD passes continue this week? I say "hell yes!"
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