I have rewritten this intro this week at least four times.

I have not liked what has spewed from my fingertips, so instead let's talk about the Dallas Cowboys (where my allegiance lies0 for a moment.

They are doing something pretty great, aren't they?

No Tony Romo.

No Dez Bryant (for part of the time).

Yet, they destroyed a healthy Bengals defense thanks to the power running game led by the O-Line and rookie running back Zeke Elliott. He definitely helped you win some cash in DFS this week if you used him. Not only was he underowned, but he was the top running back of the Sunday slate, if I am not mistaken.

Three straight 100-yard performances heading into the team's toughest matchup yet - Green Bay.

But where am I going with this?

Dak Prescott vs. Tony Romo.

I have been a Romosexual since he took the Cowboys to the playoffs in 2006 (damn that fumble!). Since then, he's been to just 5 playoff games and has the moniker that he can't win in big situations or win when it counts. I don't know the exact number because I am being lazy, but he's one of the top quarterbacks in the league in 4th quarter comebacks. Again, being lazy here, but i believe it's more than Brady.

Regardless, he's been elite, but just hasn't had the luck needed to win a game here and there to get to the Super Bowl.

So last season, Romo breaks bones in his shoulder twice, and the Cowboys season was torched. But heading into the 2016 draft, the Cowboys hadn't addressed their backup QB situation. Surely, they would take a high-end QB with their first pick? Or a defensive back?

No. They took Elliott. I wasn't on board at first, BUT after some convincing, I came around on it and so far it's paid off.

In the third round, the Cowboys did select a quarterback — Dak Prescott.

Short for Dakota, Dak was the reason Mississippi State was one of the top SEC programs while he was QB. Experts called him a raw talent with high upside.

Then two plays into the 2016 preseason, someone stepped on a crack and broke Romo's back. In steps Dak who found a knack for avoiding the sack, and now his gig as the starting QB remains intact. Yes, I just rhymed a lot, it's fun. You should try it sometime.

Anyway, in the preseason, Dak looked great, but I was speculative of the vanilla defensive schemes he was seeing. I wanted to wait until he got a few games under his belt before making any kind of opinion.

Well, I wanted to wait a few games, but instead I was loving this guy by the end of Week 2. Now the Cowboys are 4-1 with a huge game in Green Bay.

I told some friends last week that if the Cowboys beat the Bengals, Dak should remain the starter when Romo returns.

Now after the win, the narrative in Dallas is all about a "QB controversy." I think it's legit, and I believe Romo should not get his job back.

As a defender of Romo, it pains me to say that. Really, it does. I love watching him play the game. He has fun out there and makes things happen (and yes, throws the occasional boneheaded INT). But he's a great dude, who loves the game and plays his heart out.

I would hate for the Cowboys to deprive him of that and I don't want to say we've seen the last of Romo as the starter in Dallas. I would equate not seeing Romo play as to Brett Favre retiring, I would miss watching him play.

But Dak should stay the QB. The hand is hot and Dak is not mistake prone. I don't think the Cowboys should fix something that isn't broke. But you know who is broke? Romo. He can't stay healthy, and that is a problem.

Romo would be a great backup to have either if Dak gets hurt or the momentum starts to turn. I am not saying Dak should be the starter the rest of the season no matter what, but he should for as long as the team is successful.

If that means Romo doesn't take another snap this season, then so be it. Romo needs to be the safety valve for this team in case the wheels come off the Dak train.

And as Forrest Gump would say, "that's all I have to say about that."

Ok, sorry, that's what you get when you can't think of how to lead into your daily fantasy plays. No, Dak is not on this list this week, as are no other Cowboys.

Remember, this is premium content, so for a minimal fee, you can access the rest of my picks by clicking the link below. I hope you hop aboard soon!  The Value Index has done quite well this season in our Expert Grading. #humblebrag.

Pick time and good luck in Week 6.

Oh, one more thing. I love running backs this week. That is all.

Tyrod Taylor - QB - Bills - vs. San Francisco 49ers - $5,300 Analysis: TyGod anyone? The Bills, like the Titans, don't have a ton of weapons on offense, so it's up to TyGod, like Mariota, to use his legs at times. McCoy, Clay and Robert Woods are about all this offense has, so usage isn't a question. It's more about whose lack of talent overcomes the other. This week I like the Bills (as does everyone else) to put up points against the 49ers who are traveling to the East Coast (never a good thing for West Coast teams). Outside of a stellar Week 1 performance against LA, the Niners also have allowed 2 TD passes to opposing quarterbacks, including 6 TDs in two road games. I think TyGod goes underowned more than he should this week, but I think he's playable in all formats.

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