In my full-time career as a special education teacher, I work or have worked with students with learning disabilities or intellectual disabilities.

At times, it can be rewarding, and others mind-numbingly frustrating. Those frustrating days are ones where you want to throw your hands up in the air because it feels like everything you are doing to try and help a student having a meltdown or flying off the hinges just isn't working. Your behavior management strategies can be set ablaze twice over, yet here's this student or students who just can't get it together.

You try not to take those bad days personally, because any precipitating factor outside of your classroom could've cause your student to come to school set up to unbuckle.

Not holding a grudge is the recency bias of being a teacher. You have to let it go and you can't dwell on the past behavior(s).

You set yourself up to fail each day if you aren't able to decompress, take a deep breath, and let it all go. You need to be able to walk through your classroom doorway at ease, and clear of thought each morning, so that you can focus on helping your students for that day (even the one that pushed you to the limits the day before). You hope that this focus leads to a successful day in which you can feel like you and your students had even the smallest of victories.

You might be able to tell where I am going with this. My job is a lot like (though not really) playing daily fantasy sports in the sense that you have to let the bad situations go.

So you rostered DeAndre Hopkins in Week 4....let it go.

If you rostered Cam Newton in Week 4...let it go.

If you didn't roster Julio Jones in Week 4...let it go.

If you DID roster Julio Jones in Week 4...let it go (Falcons play the Broncos this week, yo).

If you didn't roster Matt Ryan....well, no one really with that let's get to some picks. Just remember not to be FROZEN in time and let last week go (yes, I went there with that Disney reference).

Remember, value is about expected production in this series, not necessarily a 3x or 4x scale. If I felt Julio (and I did) would dominate his value, he would show up on this list (well, maybe next time).

Tom Brady - QB - Patriots - vs. Cleveland Browns - $7,500

Analysis: Last week, Le"Veon should've been on the Value Index. I let price get the best of me rather than expected output. Not gonna happen this week. Brady is back and he gets to face the chum of the NFL - Cleveland. I am actually glad this is a road game just in case the Browns decide to play up a bit in this game and keep it close early until Brady wastes them in the second half with TD pass after TD pass. Hell, it may not matter the score, I expect Brady to come out firing pass after pass, even if it's 42-7 at halftime. The Pats are projected to score around 28 points, so Brady could account for 3/4 of those points or all this week against a Browns pass defense that has allowed at last 2 TD passes per game, including back-to-back 3 TD performances from QBs. This one is too easy (oh fudge, did I just jinx it?).
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