Overall, DailyOverlay scores were down in Week 6 for our list of experts and there were many more “off the board” picks that came through to receive “A+” grades with 11 players picked by a least one of the experts but not on the Consensus list. Be sure to check out the full list of players and which experts selected them in the Extra Credit section below. As can be expected in a week where the overall grades were down and off the board plays came through the Industry Consensus list struggled this week except at the very top of the list for most positions. We also had a couple of new sites break into the Top 5 in the Overall Standings this week.

Be sure to come back each week for a review of the Industry Consensus picks highlighting the top (and bottom) grades for the week and season from the experts we are tracking. For Week 6 we tracked and graded 24 sets of experts picks including the Industry Consensus list. You can view all expert’s overall rankings on the Expert Grading page.

On to the Week 6 grades, class is in session!

Consensus Recap – Week 6

The Industry Consensus picks struggled overall this week finishing 20th out of 24 experts graded.

QB (Score: 3.82 / Rank 12th out of 24) – The top selected quarterbacks performed very well this week including Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Tyrod Taylor but there were only a few further down on the list that were worth rostering such as Marcus Mariota and Andy Dalton.

RB (Score: 2.90 / Rank 15th out of 24) – The running back list was also solid at the very top with LeSean McCoy and Christine Michael and a decent game from Le’Veon Bell. The only pick further down the list that came through was Lamar Miller. Meanwhile, players like DeMarco Murray, Carlos Hyde and Ryan Mathews disappointed.

WR (Score: 1.59 / Rank 21st out of 24) – It was a terrible week for the Consensus list at the wide receiver position finishing near the bottom of the rankings with only one “A+” grade. At least the lone high mark came from the most recommended WR. Big time disappointing performances from some highly selected picks such as Antonio Brown, Jeremy Maclin, Allen Robinson and TY Hilton among others.

TE (Score: 2.83 / Rank 13th out of 24) – Middle of the pack ranking for the Consensus list at tight end with some solid selection at the top with Jimmy Graham and Greg Olsen and at the bottom with Rob Gronkowski and Coby Fleener. The middle tier of selections was a different story with poor performances from Travis Kelce, Delanie Walker and Zach Ertz.

D/ST (Score: 0.50 / Rank 11th out of 24) – It was a miserable week for most of the experts with their defense picks this week with numerous low grades up and down the list.

Head of the Class – Week 6

Each week I will highlight a few of the top experts for the week. Here are the experts that deserve a “gold star” for Week 6 based on their cumulative grades for all players they touted this week.

#1) FantasyTeamAdvice (Score: 4.36) tops all experts in Week 6 with six of their 11 picks receiving a grade of “B” or better in a tough week. Their top picks included Marcus Mariota, LeSean McCoy and Cameron Meredith.

#2) Rotowire (Score: 4.13) put up a strong score with no “F” grades and five of their eight selections receiving a grade of “B” or better. Key selections for Rotowire included Tom Brady, Andy Dalton, LeSean McCoy and Michael Thomas.

#3 tie) Scout Fantasy (Score: 3.89) posted a top three lineup this week with a shift to utilizing Shawn Childs DraftKings lineup selections from the site. Scout recorded four grades of “A” or “A+” out of nine selections including selections of Cameron Meredith, Michael Thomas, Cam Newton and Greg Olsen.

#3 tie) RotoGrinders – Lineup Builder (Score: 3.89) tied for third place this week with six out of nine selections receiving a grade of “C” or better. Key selections included Cameron Meredith, Coby Fleener, Cam Newton and Greg Olsen.

Top Value – DK Playbook (3.68 DK Pts/$1000) provided the top value plays of the week including players such as Tyrod Taylor, Andy Dalton, Matt Jones, Cameron Meredith, Golden Tate and Coby Fleener.

Head of the Class – Week 6 (By Position)

Sometimes there is just that one class that you excel in. In this section, I will highlight who the top experts were at each position for Week 6.

QB –ProFootballFocus (10.00) both received an “A+” this week with recommending the top play at the position, Drew Brees, with their only selection.

RB – Rotowire and DailyFantasyNerd (6.00) tied for top honors at running back this week by paying up to grab both Le’Veon Bell and LeSean McCoy at the position.

WR – DK Playbook (5.20) tops the WR position this week with two “A+” grades from Cameron Meredith and Golden Tate.

TE – RotoGrinders – Lineup Builder (7.50) paired up two of the top scoring tight ends with Greg Olsen and Coby Fleener.

DST – DailyFantasyCafe (5.00) made a strong recommendation of the Chiefs defense who received an “A+” grade to the top spot at the position in a tough week for defense predictions.

Study Time – Week 6

If we are going to give a gold star to the top experts of the week, we also need to determine which experts might need to put in some extra study time to pull up those grades. Here are the Week 5 experts that didn’t make the grade this week.

  • DailyFantasySportsRankings (Score: 0.80) had a rough week with eight “F” grades from their 15 selections. They were let down by players such as Ben Roethlisberger, Alex Smith, Antonio Brown, TY Hilton and Doug Baldwin.
  • Rotoballer (Score: 1.86) shows up near the bottom for the second straight week by missing on selections of Delanie Walker, Jeremy Maclin and Ryan Mathews.

Extra Credit – Week 6

In this section, I will look to give some extra credit to experts that received an A+ grade for a player that they recommended when very few other experts did. Week 6 extra credit goes to the following…

A+ – James White (FantasyPros)
A+ – Terrance West (ESPN – Love/Hate)
A+ – Matt Jones (DK Playbook)
A+ – Odell Beckham Jr (DailyRoto)
A+ – Torrey Smith (FantasyPros)
A+ – Brandin Cooks (ESPN – Love/Hate)
A+ – Golden Tate (DK Playbook, DailyFantasyNerd)
A+ – Kenny Britt (DailyFantasyCafe)
A+ – Terrelle Pryor (FantasyAlarm, DailyRoto – Mayo, DailyOverlay – Offensive Tendencies)
A+ – CJ Fiedorowicz (DailyRoto-Mayo, DailyOverlay – Offensive Tendencies)
A+ – Chiefs Defense (DailyFantasyCafe)

Head of the Class – Season

Here are the top experts in the Overall Standings after Week 5 of the season, including which site has provided the top DrafKings points per $1000 of salary.

#1) DailyFantasyNerd (Score: 4.86) remains in first place overall with a solid 8th place showing in Week 6 but their DailyOverlay score dips under 5.0 for the first time this season.

#2) DailyOverlay – Value Index (Score: 4.61) also remains in their same position overall and continues to close the gap on the top spot with a solid 5th place finish in Week 6.

#3) FantasyTeamAdvice (Score: 4.07) inches closer to the top of the overall leaderboard as the top expert in Week 6.

#4) Rotowire (Score: 3.30) jumps into fourth place this week thanks to a strong 2nd place finish in Week 6. They and the rest of the pack still have some work to do to catch up to the top three.

#5) FantasyAlarm (Score: 3.24) also moves up into the top five this week by finishing in the top half of the experts for the 5th time in six weeks.

Top Value – DailyFantasyNerd (3.56 DK Pts/$1000)

The DailyOverlay Industry Consensus drops three more spots in the overall standings into 16th place out of 26 experts graded with a poor showing in Week 6.

Head of the Class – Season (By Position)

Sometimes there is just that one class that you excel in. Here are the top experts at each position through Week 5 of the season including which site has provided the top DrafKings points per $1000 of salary.

#1) ProFootballFocus (5.67) – New Leader
#2) DailyFantasyNerd (5.00)

Top Value – DailyFantasyNerd (3.76 DK Pts/$1000)

#1) DailyFantasyNerd (5.80)
#2) DailyOverlay – Value Index (4.72)

Top Value – DailyFantasyNerd (3.58 DK Pts/$1000) – New Leader

#1) DailyFantasyNerd (4.67)
#2) DailyOverlay – Value Index (3.75)

Top Value – DailyFantasyNerd (3.57 DK Pts/$1000)

#1) DailyOverlay – Value Index (5.90)
#2) FantasyTeamAdvice (4.91)

Top Value – DailyOverlay – Value Index (3.62 DK Pts/$1000)

#1) DailyFantasyNerd (5.50)
#2) RotoGrinders – Lineup Builder (4.00)

Top Value – DailyFantasyNerd (4.14 DK Pts/$1000)

Let’s see who can make the grade in Week 7!

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