Welcome everyone to the 2016 NFL season! We are providing you extended content for DFS NFL with our first-ever NFL Expert Consensus Podcast.

Myself and Matt Butler (and sometimes Brad Richter) will breakdown our Expert Consensus through the regular season (maybe playoffs too) to help you further construct your lineups each week.

Below is a link to the podcast (as the audio was too large to upload to the site directly, which I will be mindful of going forward). Please go easy on us for our first crack at this too, we had some WiFi issues in the middle of it, causing some technical difficulties with Matt at times, but fight through it because as a whole, the audio is clear and perfect.

If you can’t play it when you open it, just download it real quick, open and enjoy! 🙂 We will have these minor issues fixed in the future.

Thank you for listening and we hope this helps you in increasing your bankroll!

NFL Expert Consensus Podcast – Week 1


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