Tuesday afternoon brought upon somewhat of a somber feel to Cowboys fans, at least those who have loved Tony Romo since the day he claimed the starting job.


If you missed it, Romo delivered one of the classiest sports speeches you may have ever heard.


If you don’t feel like watching all of it, here’s the TL:DR (too long:didn’t read) version of his speech:


Tony: Today, I am putting an end to this QB controversy by passing the torch to Dak for the rest of the season and quite possibly forever. It hurts for me to admit that, but I want this team to keep playing well without distractions, even if it means I am no longer the starting quarterback ever again.


He didn’t say it in those exact words, but most of it was implied and he said it in a more eloquent manner.


You can tell in the video that he didn’t want to admit some of the things he said, but he did, and he did it with grace.


He is the epitome of sportsmanship.


For Cowboys fans who support Tony, it was a sad day. He’s going to go down as one of the greatest Cowboys’ quarterbacks in history. He has elite numbers and a myriad of fourth quarter comebacks.


Unfortunately, he doesn’t have that Super Bowl title. Even if he did, it probably wouldn’t be enough for the naysayers to change their tune.


I hope he does get that ring, and I hope it’s this year, with or without Dak.


It’s Week 11 and there’s lots of injury news to worry about leading up to lock. For that reason, you won’t see some of the following people: Tyreek Hill, Martellus Bennett, C.J. Prosise and Julian Edelman. if Gronk is out, Bennett and Edelman because great plays against the 49ers, but I don’t want to recommend them in hopes that Gronk sits. I really like Tyreek Hill if Maclin is out and Thomas Rawls might return (although maybe limited) this week. And if he does, monitor the word on Rawls’ usage by Pete Carroll and staff. Christine Michael was cut and picked up by the Packers and Rawls practiced in full Wednesday, so . i am just unsure of where to go here right now.


But speaking of running back: Le’Veon and DeMarco are obvious plays, but do they meet their price tag? SHOULD, but this is the NFL and they might have their quarterbacks throw 40 times anyway even though their defenses have trouble stopping the run (heres looking at you Bruce Arians).


With that said, i think there’s a lot of potential value at running back. So much, that I just don’t know who I will wind up on when I make my lineups this week. Here’s the shortlist of value plays I really like, but I don’t want to use them as official picks just to get one right. Consider these freebies (and I won’t be graded on them either) as I like them all in some way and also dependent upon what I see in practice reports and coach speak.


C.J. Prosise, Darren Sproles, Fat Rob Kelley, Carlos Hyde, Theo Riddick, Gio Bernard, Kenneth Dixon, James Starks, Duke Johnson, Todd Gurley, Paul Perkins and Dion Lewis. Tread lightly, but I would guess that at least three of these guys will be very useful as a value play.


I have kept a stranglehold on second place in the overall standings for quite some time, but the last couple of weeks have been down for the ol’ Value Index. Hopefully, we can turn things around this week! This is a premium content article, so please sign up to get full access to this and the rest of our paid content.


Good luck!


Blake Bortles – QB – Jaguars – vs. Detroit Lions – $5,400


Analysis: Your free pick of the week is Blake effing Bortles! This sounds like a throwaway, but remember, I am trying to persuade you to be a premium member! I wouldn’t purposefully give you a pick here that I didn’t think would be a solid, viable options. Now, am I saying you should play Bortles in a cash game. Um, no, but he is one of many cheap options I like this week. “Garbage Time” faces the Lions, who have given up at least 1 TD pass in every game this season. After putting up Browns-like numbers against QBs, Detroit has allowed just one TD pass in each of their last three games, but two of those three games were against poor offenses. Now, Jacksonville isn’t the greatest offense, but Bortles has 40 passes in each of his last 4 games and has added to his floor with some scrambling ability. He has multiple TD passes in 3 straight games and has been force feeding Allen Robinson for weeks (and more on that later).The offense might be clicking better with the recent firing of OC Greg Olson (who does not play for the Panthers).

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