It’s week 3 of our Expert Consensus Construction article.

The first two weeks have been a lot of trial and error for the Overlay crew, trying to figure out the best balance between our subjectivity when constructing lineups.

So we are going to shake things up a bit. I will be shifting to creating lineups on FD and Brad and Matt will switch to DraftKings.

Sometimes outlook is all that maters, and I personally have more success in basketball on FD than DK, for whatever reasons, I am unsure. We also need some practice, like all the greats do.

Perhaps the practice leads to a great week starting tonight, where we have a solid slate of games.

Good luck, as always!

Entrant – Stephen – FanDuel

League Entries – $2, $50K NBA BIG $2 Double-up and $2, $300K NBA Shot

1-25-16 FD

Entrant – Brad – DraftKings

League Entries – $2, 100-man 50/50 and $2 $10K Layup


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