Overall the experts seemed to have a down week compared to the excellent scores they had the previous week.  However, the Industry Consensus picks had their best week so far this NBA season finishing in the top 3 on both Tuesday and Wednesday night. We also have a new leader in the overall standings this week. Find out who in the Overall Leaderboard section below.

In this article, I will give a brief recap of each day we gathered and graded the experts, including how the Industry Consensus picks did, highlighting which experts were at the top for the day and which players were only called out by one or two experts, but produced an “A+” grade. I will also review the overall standings, highlighting the top experts so far this season. You can view the full NBA Overall Standings here.

As a reminder, we are currently gathering selections and publishing the NBA Industry Consensus articles each Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday during the NBA season, so be sure to check back about an hour or so before the first game tips off to get a look at the consensus picks for the day.

On to the grades!

Week in Review

Tuesday (Nov 10)

Tuesday night featured a fairly short slate with only seven games. Overall the grades were down on Tuesday, however, the Consensus picks were very good, finishing with their highest individual day ranking so far.

Industry Consensus Picks
The Industry Consensus picks performed well on Tuesday finishing in a tie for 2nd place out of 9 experts graded with a DailyOverlay score of 4.05.
A+ – Russell Westbrook, Hassan Whiteside, Chris Bosh, Karl-Anthony Towns, Kyle Lowry, Nemanja Bjelica
F – Kristaps Porzingis, John Wall, Bradley Beal, Andrew Wiggins

Top Experts of the Day
#1) FanSided (Score: 5.03) had by far the best picks on the day with 20 picks receiving a “B” or higher grade out of 29 selections. Some of the key players selected were Russell Westbrook, Mo Williams, Gary Neal, Jared Sullinger, Hassan Whiteside and Robin Lopez to name a few.

#2) FantasyAlarm tied with the Industry Consensus picks (Score: 4.05) for second place. FantasyAlarm had 6 “A+” grades out of their 21 selections including key picks of LeBron James, Ryan Anderson, James Johnson, Russell Westbrook and Nemanja Bjelica.

Sleepers of the Day
Too many to name them all, so here are just a few of the cheaper value plays…
A+ – Tyler Johnson (RotoGrinders Expert Tourney Picks)
A+ – Jared Sullinger (FanSided, DailyFantasySportsRankings)
A+ – Gary Neal (FanSided, DailyRoto)
A+ – James Johnson (FantasyAlarm, DailyRoto)
A+ – Ryan Anderson (FantasyAlarm, FantasyTeamAdvice)


Wednesday (Nov 11)

Wednesday night featured a full 11 game slate. Overall the scores were up a little bit from Tuesday night, but they did not reach the 7+ DailyOverlay scores we saw a couple of days last week.

Industry Consensus Picks
The Industry Consensus picks were strong again on Wednesday night finishing in 3rd place out of 11 experts graded with a DailyOverlay score of 5.18.
A+ – Ish Smith, James Harden, James Johnson, Cory Joseph, Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard, Dwight Howard
F – Victor Oladipo

Top Experts of the Day
#1) RotoGrinders 6-pack (Score: 5.67) performed well with all six of his picks receiving a grade of a “B” or better. Key picks included Jerryd Bayless, Ish Smith and Eric Gordon.

#2) FantasyAlarm (Score: 5.57) finished in the second spot for the second consecutive day with a total of 8 “A+” grades out of 21 selections, including some consensus picks such as Damian Lillard, Ish Smith, Cory Joseph and Dwight Howard and some more off the radar picks of Evan Turner and Joe Johnson.

Sleepers of the Day
Too many to name them all, so here are just a few of the cheaper value plays…
A+ – Marcus Thornton (FantasyAlarm, DailyFantasySportsRankings)
A+ – Jerryd Bayless (RotoGrinders 6-pack, FanSided)
A+ – Rajon Rondo (FanSided)
A+ – Jerami Grant (FanSided)
A+ – Paul Millsap (Moxyball-MoxyList, FanSided)


Friday (Nov 13)

Friday the 13th in the NBA featured another 11 game slate. Friday night featured the highest DailyOverlay scores of the week for the experts and the top two touted players on the Consensus picks on Friday night both came through with A+ performances (Russell Westbrook and Rajon Rondo).

Industry Consensus Picks
The Industry Consensus picks fell back to the middle of the pack on Friday, finishing in 6th place out of 12 experts graded with a DailyOverlay score of 4.91.
A+ – Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo, Paul George, James Harden, DeMarcus Cousins, LeBron James, Eric Gordon, Serge Ibaka, Zaza Pachulia
F – Marcus Thornton, Ryan Anderson

Top Experts of the Day
#1) DailyRoto (Score: 6.50) topped the expert’s list on Friday a whopping 10 out of 18 selections receiving an “A+” grade, including some consensus plays such as Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo, Paul George and Serge Ibaka, while they had a couple more obscure picks such as Jarrett Jack and Marc Gasol help bring them to the top.

#2) Moxyball-MoxyList (Score: 5.37) had a strong day with 11 out of 27 selections receiving an “A+” grade. Key selections included Paul George, Eric Gordon, Isaiah Thomas, Nicolas Batum, Al-Farouq Aminu and Jae Crowder.

Sleepers of the Day
Too many to name them all, so here are just a few of the cheaper value plays…
A+ – Jarrett Jack (DailyRoto, RotoGrinders Expert Tourney Picks)
A+ – Marc Gasol (DailyRoto, FantasyBasketball101)
A+ – Nicolas Batum (Moxyball-MoxyList, FanSided)
A+ – Marco Belinelli (FanSided)
A+ – Joakim Noah (FanSided)

Overall Leaderboard

We now have completed three weeks of the NBA season and there is a new leader in the overall standings. You can view the full NBA Overall Standings here.

Taking over the top spot in the overall standing is DailyRoto who finished in first place on the Friday slate this week to help propel them into the lead. DailyRoto has a DailyOverlay score of 5.25 while receiving a total of 63 “A+” grades so far this season out of their 166 selections.

Moxyball-MoxyList (Score 5.16) maintains their 2nd place position in the overall standings for the third week in a row. They finished lower in the standings on Tuesday and Wednesday this week but came on strong on Friday to help preserve the second spot in the overall standings.

RotoGrinders NBA Grind Down (Score: 5.13) had a down week which dropped them two spots in the overall standings to 3rd place. We’ll see if they can bounce back next week to move back up the leaderboard.

The Industry Consensus picks (Score: 4.85) had a strong week to pull them up into 5th place (up from 7th) this week out of a total of 13 experts graded this season.

Let’s see which experts can make the grade this week in the NBA!

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