Another new leader in the Overall Standings this week as FakePigskin jumps into first place. They don’t have picks every day, but when they do they have had a strong performance so far this NBA season. Our newest feature of using the Industry Consensus picks to try to build an optimal lineup has had some good days, but has had more down days so far through the first two weeks as we are trying to find the right formula to construct winning lineups using the consensus picks from the experts.

In this article, I will give a brief recap of each day we gathered and graded the experts, including how the Industry Consensus picks did, highlighting which experts were at the top for the day and which players were only called out by one or two experts, but produced an “A+” grade. I will also review the overall standings, highlighting the top experts so far this season. You can view the full NBA Overall Standings here. And finally, I will publish results of our new Lineup Construction initiative.

As a reminder, we are currently gathering selections and publishing the NBA Industry Consensus articles and NBA Consensus Lineup Construction articles each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday during the NBA season, so be sure to check back about an hour or so before the first game tips off to get a look at the consensus picks and sample lineups for the day.

On to the grades!

Week in Review

Monday (Jan 18)

No grading due to Martin Luther King Day


Tuesday (Jan 19)

Tuesday night consisted of a short 4 game slate of NBA action. The experts had a good night with five experts receiving DailyOverlay scores of 5.0 or greater.

Industry Consensus Picks
The Industry Consensus picks didn’t fare as well finishing 7th out of 10 experts graded with a DailyOverlay score of 4.85 for the day.

A+ – Kevin Durant, Hassan Whiteside, Russell Westbrook, Karl-Anthony Towns, Jrue Holiday, Myles Turner
F – Tyler Johnson, Markieff Morris, Nikola Jokic

Top Experts of the Day
#1) Moxyball – MoxyList (Score: 6.44) came in first on the day by a sizeable amount with 5 “A+” grades out of 9 selections. They had numerous consensus plays such as Karl-Anthony Towns, Jrue Holiday, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant while they also had an off the radar selection of Khris Middleton.

#2 tie) DFSOnDemand and FanSided (Score: 5.29) tied for second place on the night. DFSOnDemand had an “A” or better grade from 4 out of their 7 selections including Russell Westbrook, Jrue Holiday and Myles Turner. FanSided had 20 out of 28 selections receive a grade of “B” or better including some less picked selections of Devin Booker, Joe Young, PJ Tucker and Enes Kanter.

Sleepers of the Day
A+ – Devin Booker (DailyFantasySportsRankings, FanSided)
A+ – Anthony Davis (DailyFantasySportsRankings, DailyRoto)
A+ – Khris Middleton (Moxyball-MoxyList, FanSided)
A+ – PJ Tucker (FantasyAlarm, FanSided)
A+ – Joe Young (FanSided)
A+ – Enes Kanter (FanSided)


Wednesday (Jan 20)

Wednesday night featured a big 11 game slate of NBA action. The experts struggled on Wednesday with the highest DailyOverlay score coming in at 4.2 for the night.

Industry Consensus Picks
The Industry Consensus picks finished closer to the bottom on Wednesday finishing in 8th place for the day out of 11 experts graded with a DailyOverlay score of only 3.64.

A+ – DeMarcus Cousins, Russell Westbrook, Elfrid Payton, Carmelo Anthony
F – Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard

Top Experts of the Day
#1) FanSided (Score: 4.20) finished in the top two for the second straight day with 24 out of 41 selections receiving a grade of “B” or better. Key picks included Russell Westbrook, Elfrid Payton, Stephen Curry, Rodney Hood, Robin Lopez and Frank Kaminsky.

#2) Moxyball – MoxyList (Score: 4.17) also finished in the top two for the second straight day with 9 out of 12 selections receiving a “B” grade or better. Some of the top picks for Moxyball were Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Rajon Rondo, DeMarcus Cousins and Paul Millsap.

Sleepers of the Day
A+ – James Harden (DailyFantasySportsRankings, DailyRoto)
A+ – Stephen Curry (DailyRoto, FanSided)
A+ – DeMar DeRozan (RotoGrinders Expert Tourney Picks)
A+ – Frank Kaminsky (FantasyAlarm, FanSided)
A+ – Ty Lawson (FanSided)
A+ – Rodney Hood (FanSided)
A+ – Robin Lopez (FanSided)


Friday (Jan 22)

Friday night featured a 9-game slate of NBA action. The experts bounced back on Friday with solid overall scores including two experts receiving DailyOverlay scores over 6.0.

Industry Consensus Picks
The Industry Consensus picks also bounced back finishing 5th out of 13 experts graded with a DailyOverlay score of 4.69.

A+ – James Harden, Nikola Vucevic, Stephen Curry, Terrence Jones, Spencer Hawes, Chandler Parsons, Myles Turner
F – Jeremy Lin

Top Experts of the Day
#1) FakePigskin (Score: 6.40) finishes in the top spot in their only day with picks this week, registering 5 “A+” grades out of their 10 selections. They had a few of the consensus plays such as Stephen Curry, Chandler Parsons, Terrance Jones and Nikola Vucevic and hit big on one lower owned pick of Kemba Walker.

#2) DailyOverlay – Double Stuffed (Score: 6.29) who only posts selections on Fridays also made the top two this week with 5 out of 7 selections receiving an “A” grade or better. Key selections included James Harden, Stephen Curry, Myles Turner and Josh Richardson.

Sleepers of the Day
A+ – Jimmy Butler (DailyRoto, RotoGrinders Expert Tourney Picks)
A+ – Jabari Parker (DailyRoto, FanSided)
A+ – Kemba Walker (RotoGrinders Expert Tourney Picks, FakePigskin)
A+ – Draymond Green (RotoGrinders Expert Tourney Picks)
A+ – Derrick Rose (FanSided)
A+ – DeMar DeRozan (FanSided)
A+ – Joe Young (FanSided)
A+ – Charlie Villanueva (FanSided)


Overall Leaderboard

We have now completed 13 weeks of the NBA season. You can view the full NBA Overall Standings here.

#1) FakePigskin (Score: 5.09) catapults into first place in the overall standings with their 1st place finish on Friday. FakePigskin doesn’t have picks every day, but when they do they have been performing very well this season.

#2) RotoGrinders NBA Grind Down (Score: 4.91) holds onto second place despite a down week by their standards. They finished outside the top four all three days we graded this week. Expect them to bounce back next week.

#3) DailyRoto (Score: 4.90) drops down into third place in the overall standings as they finished between 4th and 6th place every day this week. Look for them to bounce back next week.

The Daily Overlay Industry Consensus picks (Score: 4.55) didn’t perform too well this week finishing in the bottom half two out of three days this week. However, the Industry Consensus picks remained in 6th place in the overall standings out of a total of 14 experts graded this season and are still within striking distance of 4th place if they can put together a good week or two.

Let’s see which experts can make the grade this week in the NBA!

Consensus Lineup Construction Review

We started a new feature at DailyOverlay two weeks ago, where writers on our staff utilize the daily Industry Consensus article picks to build a sample DFS lineup for FanDuel and DraftKings.

Here is a list of the “rules” we are starting with when constructing the lineups:

  1. All players in our lineups come from the names listed in our consensus article, if possible. However, if one of those players is ruled out and we have time to put in that player’s backup or a player around the same salary, we will pivot to that player.
  2. We must use as many of the “Highly Touted” and “Recommended” players as possible, then fill in the remaining salary with players from the ”Suggested” player list. All of us submitting lineups will have some subjectivity to who we play based on the matchup when we need to fill out the remaining portion of our rosters.

We will have at least 1 DraftKings and 1 FanDuel lineup every night we write the Consensus article and enter them into a Cash (50/50 or Double Up) league and large-field GPP tournament. The results of those lineups will be provided in this section each week.

Weekly Results


Day Score Cash Profit(Loss) GPP Profit(Loss) Picks By
Tuesday 254.8 69/100 ($2.00) 85,511/158,045 ($2.00) Matt
Wednesday 282.6 43/100 $1.60 37,771/158,045 ($2.00) Brad
Friday 266.0 77/100 ($2.00) 88,845/143,678 ($2.00) Brad
Total 267.8 (avg) ($2.40) ($6.00)

The FanDuel cash lineup won 1 out of 3 times this week. The Tuesday lineup had its chance to cash diminished by the injury to Markieff Morris in the first half. Wednesday’s lineup finished six points away from the cash line in the GPP tournament.


Day Score Cash Profit(Loss) GPP Profit(Loss) Picks By
Tuesday 220.25 2,154/3,409 ($1.00) 7,892/13,415 ($3.00) Stephen
Wednesday 249.75 8,517/27,272 $1.00 7,340/29,411 ($1.00) Stephen
Friday 226.00 3,051/3,409 ($1.00) 3,616/4,705 ($1.00) Stephen
Total 232.0 (avg) ($1.00) ($5.00)

The DraftKings lineups got on the board this week cashing in 1 out of 3 days this week. Tuesday’s DraftKings lineup was also hurt by the Markieff Morris injury. The Wednesday lineup was the best finish by the DraftKings lineup over the last two weeks.

Overall Results

FanDuel Cash Entry Fees Cash Tot Winnings Cash ROI GPP Entry Fees GPP Tot Winnings GPP ROI Tot Entry Fees Tot Winnings Tot ROI
Brad $8.00 $7.20 -10.0% $8.00 $6.00 -25.0% $16.00 $13.20 -17.5%
Matt $6.00 $3.60 -40.0% $6.00 $4.00 -33.3% $12.00 $7.60 -36.7%
FD Overall $14.00 $10.80 -22.9% $14.00 $10.00 -28.6% $28.00 $20.80 -25.7%
Stephen $10.00 $2.00 -80.0% $14.00 $0.00 -100.0% $24.00 $2.00 -91.7%
DK Overall $10.00 $2.00 -80.0% $14.00 $0.00 -100.0% $24.00 $2.00 -91.7%
Overall $24.00 $12.80 -46.7% $28.00 $10.00 -64.3% $52.00 $22.80 -56.2%

While the results haven’t been good so far, we believe in transparency and will continue to look to improve on our lineup construction going forward. I still expect to see improvements to our results as we accumulate more data on how to best utilize the Industry Consensus picks to construct optimal lineups. We may also explore producing different lineups between Cash and GPP leagues if the lineups don’t fare better this week in GPP tournaments.


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