We have added a couple of new sites to our list of experts this week with CBS Sportsline and FantasyLabs. Both sites proved to be worthy additions in their first week with as they came in first and second place respectively in the overall standings. We’ll see if they can keep hold of the top spots as they get a bigger sample of results.

In this article, I will give a brief recap of each day we gathered and graded the experts, including how the Industry Consensus picks did, highlighting which experts were at the top for the day and which players were only called out by one or two experts, but produced an “A+” grade. I will also review the overall standings and highlight the top experts so far this season. You can view the full NBA Overall Standings here.

As a reminder, we are currently gathering selections and publishing the NBA Industry Consensus articles each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday during the NBA season, so be sure to check back about an hour or so before the first game tips off to get a look at the industry expert’s consensus picks for the day.

On to the grades!

Week in Review

Monday (November 7)

Monday featured a solid seven-game slate of NBA action. The experts fared well with 12 sets of expert picks exceeding a DailyOverlay score of 5.0 on the night.

Industry Consensus Picks

The Industry Consensus picks were solid finishing in 10th place out of 19 experts graded with a DailyOverlay score of 5.17.

A+ – James Harden, Anthony Davis, Bradley Beal, Kemba Walker, Jimmy Butler, Ryan Anderson, Chris Paul, Draymond Green, Marcin Gortat, Otto Porter, Stephen Curry, Langston Galloway, Derrick Favors, Tim Frazier, CJ Miles
F – Justise Winslow, Terrence Jones, Elfrid Payton

Top Experts of the Day

#1) Rotowire (Score: 7.33) tops the list with six “A+” grades out of nine selections. Some of their top plays included James Harden, Kemba Walker, Bradley Beal, Anthony Davis, Jimmy Butler and Enes Kanter.

#2) CBS Sportsline (Score: 7.00) joins the list of expert sites this week and starts out strong coming in 2nd place on the day with seven out of eight selections receiving a grade of an “A+” or “A”. They were led by picks of Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, Derrick Favors and Al Jefferson.

Sleepers of the Day

A+ – Klay Thompson (DailyRoto)
A+ – Robert Covington (DailyRoto, FantasyPros)
A+ – Clint Capela (DailyRoto)
A+ – Trevor Ariza (RotoGrinders Consensus, FanSided)
A+ – Al Jefferson (CBS Sportsline, FantasyPros)
A+ – Taj Gibson (FantasyTeamAdvice)
A+ – Enes Kanter (FantasyTeamAdvice, Rotowire)
A+ – E’Twaun Moore (Scout Fantasy)
A+ – Jon Leuer (Rotoballer)
A+ – JJ Redick (FantasyPros)
A+ – Stanley Johnson (FantasyPros)
A+ – Ramon Sessions (FantasyLabs)

Tuesday (November 8)

Tuesday night featured a six-game slate. The experts had another solid night with eight out of 18 experts finishing with a DailyOverlay score over 5.0.

Industry Consensus Picks

The Industry Consensus picks didn’t fare as well with a 14th place out of 18 experts with a DailyOverlay score of 4.66.

A+ – Damian Lillard, LeBron James, JJ Barea, Anthony Davis, CJ McCollum, Trevor Booker, Rudy Gay, Andrew Wiggins, Dennis Schroder, Eric Bledsoe, Maurice Harkless, Kevin Love
F – TJ Warren, Kris Dunn, JaMychal Green, Al-Farouq Aminu, Timofey Mozgov

Top Experts of the Day

#1) FantasyTeamAdvice (Score: 7.78) tops the list with six “A+” grades out of nine selections including strong picks of Damian Lillard, JJ Barea, CJ McCollum, Kent Bazemore, LeBron James and Maurice Harkless.

#2) CBS Sportline (Score: 5.50) comes in second place for the second straight day with five grades of “A” or better out of eight selections. Key selections included CJ McCollum, Dennis Schroder, Rudy Gay and Wesley Matthews.

Sleepers of the Day

A+ – Seth Curry (DailyRoto)
A+ – Danilo Gallinari (DailyRoto, RotoGrinders Consensus)
A+ – Kent Bazemore (FantasyTeamAdvice)
A+ – Isaiah Whitehead (FanSided)
A+ – Dwight Powell (Scout Fantasy)
A+ – Jordan Clarkson (FantasyPros)
A+ – Arron Afflalo (FantasyPros)
A+ – PJ Tucker (FantasyPros)

Wednesday (November 9)

Wednesday night featured a big slate of 11 games of NBA action. Once again the experts find it more difficult to navigate the big slate with only one expert receiving a DailyOverlay score of 5.0 or greater.

Industry Consensus Picks

The Industry Consensus finished in the middle of the pack with an 11th place finish out of 20 experts graded coming in with a 3.78 DailyOverlay score.

A+ – Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, DeMar DeRozan, Seth Curry, Kyle Lowry, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Jimmy Butler
F – Ersan Ilyasova, Jaylen Brown, Markieff Morris, Sean Kilpatrick, Bradley Beal

Top Experts of the Day

#1) FantasyLabs (Score: 5.24) tops the leaderboard for the day with 10 “A+” or “A” grades out of their 17 selections. Top plays included Russell Westbrook, James Harden, DeMar DeRozan, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Blake Griffin.

#2) Rotowire (Score: 4.89) comes in second place for the day with five out of nine selections receiving a grade of “A” or better. Key selections included Seth Curry, Dwight Powell and Al Jefferson.

Sleepers of the Day

A+ – Jeff Teague (DailyRoto)
A+ – Robert Covington (DailyRoto)
A+ – Alex Len (DailyRoto, Scout Fantasy)
A+ – Otto Porter (RotoGrinders Consensus)
A+ – Nikola Vucevic (CBS Sportsline)
A+ – Tyus Jones (Scout Fantasy)
A+ – Dwight Powell (Scout Fantasy, Rotowire)
A+ – Al Jefferson (Rotowire, FantasyPros)

Friday (November 11)

Friday night consisted of an eight-game slate of NBA action. Friday was another good night for the experts as over half finished with a DailyOverlay score of 5.0 or greater.

Industry Consensus Picks

The Industry Consensus picks finished in the bottom half of the standings with a 12th place out of 19 experts, posting a DailyOverlay score of 4.70.

A+ – Derrick Favors, DeMarcus Cousins, LeBron James, CJ McCollum, Gordon Hayward, Marcus Smart, Russell Westbrook, Nicolas Batum, Kelly Olynyk, Kemba Walker
F – Carmelo Anthony, Steven Adams, Marcus Thornton

Top Experts of the Day

#1) CBS Sportsline (Score: 6.25) takes home the top spot on Friday with four out of eight picks receiving an “A+” grade. Key selections included Russell Westbrook, CJ McCollum, Gordon Hayward and Kelly Olynyk.

#2) FantasyAlarm (Score: 5.86) had 19 out of 22 selections receive a grade of “B” or better on Friday including strong performances from Kemba Walker, Nicolas Batum, Rudy Gay, Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins.

Sleepers of the Day

A+ – Marvin Williams (DailyFantasySportsRankings)
A+ – Mason Plumlee (DailyFantasySportsRankings, DailyRoto)
A+ – Allen Crabbe (DailyRoto)
A+ – Evan Fournier (DailyRoto)
A+ – Richaun Holmes (DailyRoto)
A+ – Joakim Noah (DailyRoto, FantasyPros)
A+ – Rudy Gay (FantasyAlarm)
A+ – Pau Gasol (Scout Fantasy, FantasyPros)
A+ – Monta Ellis (FantasyPros, DraftKings Playbook)
A+ – JJ Redick (FantasyPros)
A+ – Enes Kanter (FantasyPros)

Overall Leaderboard

With three weeks of the season in the books and our two newcomers are starting out strong. You can view the full NBA Overall Standings here.

#1) CBS Sportsline (Score: 5.88) tops the overall standings with a strong opening week finishing in the top two on three different days this week.

#2) FantasyLabs (Score: 5.38) also had a good first week including a 1st place finish on Wednesday to help carry them into 2nd place in the overall standings.

#3) FantasyTeamAdvice (Score: 5.16) moves up one spot in the overall standings this week lead by their first place finish on Tuesday.

#4) Rotowire (Score: 5.08) moves into the top five this week thanks to their top two finishes on Monday and Wednesday.

#5) RotoGrinders Lineup Builder (Score: 5.06) rounds out the top five dropping three spots in the standings this week.

The Daily Overlay Industry Consensus picks (Score: 4.48) remains in 13th place out of 21 experts ranked in the overall standings through three weeks of action. The Consensus picks did well for the NBA last season and I expect them to get better over the course of the season.

Let’s see which experts can make the grade this week!

Ownership Percentage Tracking

A part of daily fantasy sports strategy is understanding ownership percentages and being able to predict ownership percentages prior to entering contests especially for GPP tournaments where you might want to be contrarian by selecting lower owned players or fading highly owned players depending on the payout structure and size of the contest.

We utilize the Industry Consensus list to help predict ownership percentages by tracking the actual ownership percentages for each player that shows up on the Consensus list and averaging the ownership percentage for the number of times a player was selected by our list of experts.

Below is the current table showing the data through the first week of the season. Results are using a DraftKings Double-Up for Cash and large field tournaments for GPP. The Count column shows the number of times a player was selected by the experts for a given day. The Cash % column shows the average ownership percentage of those players in a Cash game. The GPP % column shows the average ownership percentage of those players in a GPP tournament. The Total column shows the number of occurrences that a player was selected that many times.

Count Cash% GPP% Total
14 23.00% 16.70% 1
13 55.34% 42.41% 7
12 57.38% 42.43% 6
11 40.13% 25.27% 12
10 35.20% 22.91% 10
9 26.02% 20.42% 24
8 21.42% 20.21% 30
7 19.54% 16.97% 35
6 17.15% 14.73% 42
5 13.09% 11.59% 60
4 11.19% 10.29% 72
3 7.95% 8.17% 102
2 3.92% 4.64% 142
1 3.25% 3.61% 272

We will look to continue to track this over the course of the season and provide projected ownership percentages for players on each slate when we have more data.


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