A big slate of games for this Wednesday evening.  Ten games and only one late game so for those of you, like me, that like to put in a late-night lineup may be out of luck tonight.  Can Toronto escape OKC undefeated?  The Raptors have been solid the last couple of years but tonight will provide their stiffest test yet.  Without further delay, and so you have time to get those lineups built, let’s get to the picks.

The numbers in the parenthesis are the number of experts that picked that player to give you more context as to the gaps between players and the tiers.

Highly Touted

  • Kawhi Leonard (9x) – Kawhi is almost averaging a double-double so far this season at 21.3ppg and 9.3rpg.
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo (7x) – I’ll know how to spell that name without looking before the season is over because we will be seeing plenty of him here. The Greek Freak is a triple-double threat every time he steps on the court.


  • Russell Westbrook (6x) – Speaking of a triple-double threat every time he steps on the court…Westbook is the definition of that.
  • Evan Fournier (6x) – At his price point tonight, he’s hard to pass up.
  • James Harden (5x) – The Rockets figured some things out against the Thunder a couple of nights ago although Harden is only shooting 30% from the field so far this season
  • Brandon Knight (5x) – Knight was a solid pick up for Phoenix in the off season.
  • Matthew Dellavedova (5x) – America’s Sweetheart from last season’s playoffs. He’s logging more minutes than expected in 2015.


  • Kyle Lowry (4x) – He’s averaging 20-8-5 so far in 2015. A solid DFS play on any night.
  • Markieff Morris (4x) – His last three games have been solid.
  • Nikola Vucevic (4x) – He’s really solidifying himself as a top-tier big man. Averaging 18.3ppg and 9.5rpg.
  • Jerryd Bayless (4x) – Dropped 26 points on Brooklyn on Monday night.
  • Kosta Koufos (4x) – Koufos has seen an uptick in his minutes which has translated into an uptick in his stats.
  • Greg Monroe (4x) – Monroe is always a good play.
  • Kevin Love (3x) – A healthy Love has shown he can fit into Cleveland’s scheme better in year two.
  • Steph Curry (3x) – If you are willing to pay up for Curry, it’s never a bad decision.
  • George Hill (3x) – He’s scored at a better clip than normal this season
  • LeBron James (3x) – Nothing much to say here. He put up monster DFS numbers last night.
  • Blake Griffin (3x) – Griffin is on pace for a career year.
  • Kevin Durant (3x) – Durant is back in the groove. Averaging 29.8ppg.
  • Nik Stauskas (3x) – He’s found a spot in Philly and is a nice affordable option.
  • Kent Bazemore (3x) – Bazemore is playing almost 30 minutes/night which allows him to put up decent numbers.
  • Rudy Gobert (3x) – Gobert is not a solid offensive option but is averaging over 13rpg.
  • Luis Scola (3x) – Scola went for 19-12 in his last game.
  • Tyson Chandler (3x) – The ageless wonder, Chandler, can still rebound with the best of them.

Good luck everyone and catch us tomorrow for the next edition of Expert Consensus.

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