As the attention turns to Dayton and the NCAA First Four tonight, we keep our focus on the Association.  Six games on the platter for this Tuesday and there should be some shootouts.  All games feature single digit spread including four games with a spread of less than five.  The lowest O/U on the night is a flat 200 with four games featuring a total of 209.5+.

The numbers in the parenthesis are the number of experts that picked that player to give you more context as to the gaps between players and the tiers.

Highly Touted

  • DeMarcus Cousins (8x) – Boogie is a headcase and it’s obvious that he and George Karl do not get along at all.  With all that said, he’s still an absolute DFS monster.  In three games against the Lakers this year, he’s posted 28.7ppg and 12.3rpg.
  • Carl Landry (8x) – On Friday, Landry scored 16 points and grabbed 8 rebounds against the same Brooklyn team he will face tonight.  He’s been good for about 1 DFS point per minute…which is fantastic.


  • Victor Oladipo (6x) – Averaging over 20ppg in the last four.  Also putting up 4.5rpg and 4apg during that stretch.
  • Paul George (6x) – In three games against the Celtics this year, George has scored 25ppg and snatched 9.3rpg.
  • Bismack Biyombo (6x) – He provides nice rebounding numbers.  His offense has lagged a bit but he provides decent DFS production at a bargain barrel price.
  • Emmanuel Mudiay (5x) – Mudiay has hit his stride late in his rookie campaign.  He’s averaging 18.8ppg and 6apg in the last five.
  • Thaddeus Young (5x) – Young is averaging 15.9ppg and 9rpg over the last ten games.
  • Evan Fournier (5x) – Scoring over 17ppg in the last five.  He’s still reasonably priced and can provide the potential for a breakout scoring night.


  • Rudy Gay (4x) – Gay has provided so-so numbers of late.  Not necessarily getting the production that you’d expect for the price tag he typically comes with.
  • Kawhi Leonard (4x) – Leonard is scoring almost 25ppg in the last ten.
  • Brook Lopez (4x) – Lopez has scored 26.3ppg in the last three.
  • Rajon Rondo (4x) – Averaging 13.7ppg, 12.3apg and 4.7rpg in three outings against the Lakers this year.
  • Evan Turner (4x) – Had a bit of an off night scoring wise his last time out.
  • Nerlens Noel (4x) – Over the last three games, Noel is posting 14ppg, 8.7rpg and 3.3apg.
  • Darren Collison (3x)
  • Jared Sullinger (3x)
  • Julius Randle (3x)
  • Bojan Bogdanovic (3x)
  • DeMar DeRozan (3x)
  • Chris Paul (3x)
  • Isaiah Thomas (3x)
  • LaMarcus Aldridge (3x)
  • Khris Middleton (3x)

Good luck everyone and catch us tomorrow for the next edition of Expert Consensus.

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