I have Open House tonight at the school of which I am employed (yawn, right?), so I this intro has to be quick.

I changed my lineups completely with the news of K-Love being ruled out. LeBron didn’t disappoint, but many others did. Hopefully tonight things turn in a positive direction.

But that might be hard considering it’s only a 4-game slate, making your rosters needing extra precision to cash in both GPPs and cash games.

Here’s tonight’s Consensus.

And good luck everyone!

Entrant – Stephen – FanDuel

Cash Game Lineup


Cash Game Narrative: Someone has to play and put up points for NO, right?

GPP Lineup


GPP Narrative: I have exposure to both Durant and Westbrook tonight and coupled them with Harden. I think Whiteside goes underowned at C with lots of value on the board and the former Thunder trio to select from. Brook Lopez is probably the ultimate tourney play at C tonight, in my opinion. Anyway, Alonzo Gee and Courtney Lee (a coincidence in the rhyming off-the-board plays) are my punt plays that aren’t on tonight’s consensus list.

Entrant – Matt – DraftKings

Cash Game Lineup


GPP Lineup


GPP Narrative – Two off the board plays tonight.  I like Beverley in what should be a high scoring game in OKC.  Plenty of opportunities for him to aggravate the OKC crowd who has yet to forget his injury of Westbrook in the playoffs years ago.  Iso Joe is my other off the board play.  He’s always going to score.  That’s what he does and Miami has found a way to use him nicely.

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