With another school year coming to an end, I was able to ace my finals on Wednesday bringing home straight A’s on my report card, including channeling my “Adam Conley whisperer” again. Tonight’s 14-game slate has a lot of solid pitching options to choose from but my Ace and two Value picks really bubbled to the top of my rankings.


Noah Syndergaard (FD-$10,600 / DK-$12,100)

Syndergaard tops my list tonight by a significant margin. He has pitched great this season with an 11.5 K/9 and a 1.84 ERA that is supported by a 1.99 xFIP. He is also well rested pitching just 2.1 innings in his last start and throwing one inning of relief on Tuesday, so he should be ready to go the distance tonight against the Marlins as a big road favorite. Syndergaard is an option in Cash and GPPs.


Danny Salazar (FD-$9,500 / DK-$8,600)

Salazar faces the Royals tonight and they are a team you typically don’t want to pick on too often. However, Salazar has had their number over his career with allowing a .263 wOBA to Royals’ hitters including just two home runs in 151 plate appearances. Salazar also shut the Royals down earlier this season allowing no runs in 7.2 innings while recording nine strikeouts. Salazar is a good Cash and GPP option.

Drew Pomeranz (FD-$8,900 / DK-$8,900)

Hopefully, Pomeranz can control the Rockies tonight as they travel to “Coors South” after there were 29 runs scored in “pitcher-friendly” San Diego last night. With six relievers pitching last night for the Padres, I expect Pomeranz to go deep into the game tonight allowing him to rack up a lot of innings and strikeouts against a Rockies team that has struck out 23.3% (10th worst) of the time against lefties this season. Pomeranz can also be used in both Cash and GPPs.


Ricky Nolasco (FD-$6,400 / DK-$7,400)

I struggled to fall in love with any of the Darkhorse options tonight but in the end, I landed on Nolasco due to his strikeout upside with a 21.5% strikeout rate pitching against a Rays team that has a strikeout rate of 25.8% against righties which ranks as the second worst this season.

On the Hill – Results


Date Type Pitcher DK $ DK Pts Grade
1-Jun Ace Max Scherzer 13200 35.80 A+
1-Jun Ace Jon Lester 9900 42.35 A+
1-Jun Value Matt Shoemaker 7100 21.75 A
1-Jun Dark Adam Conley 5300 28.50 A+



Type A+ A B C D F Tot DK Cost DK Pts DO Score
Ace 13 5 4 4 1 6 33 $11,548 23.95 5.33
Value 11 8 8 21 1 18 67 $8,406 15.86 3.24
Dark 14 2 5 5 1 9 36 $6,675 16.88 4.89
  • DK Cost is the average DraftKings cost per pitcher selected
  • DK Pts is the average DraftKings points scored per pitcher selected
  • DO Score is the Daily Overlay score for each type

Come back to DailyOverlay later today for the MLB Consensus list and some sample MLB lineups.

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