Maybe I should just start recommending only my Darkhorse pitchers. With a great outing by Drew Pomeranz on Wednesday, my Darkhorse pitchers have the best DailyOverlay score of any type of my selections and are averaging just 2.47 less DK points then my Ace pitcher recommendations. Well, I’m not willing to give up on my Value pitcher recommendations so easy and will look to start moving in the right direction tonight.


Felix Hernandez (FD-$11,000 / DK-$10,800)

Going with King Felix as my Ace for tonight. Considered Matt Harvey in a good matchup against the Braves but I don’t trust him right now, he just doesn’t look right (maybe in a GPP). Back to Hernandez, he is pitching at home where he typically performs a little better than on the road and faces an Angels team that has struggled against righties so far this season with a league-worst .239 wOBA and .066 ISO. As long as Hernandez can pitch around Trout, who has hit him well over his career, he should be in a good spot for a strong outing in what I expect to be a low scoring game (foreshadowing).


Jeff Samardzija (FD-$8,400 / DK-$9,300)

Samardzija will finally get to pitch at home for the first time since joining the Giants and should give the fans reason to welcome him with open arms as he should be able to shut down the Marlins tonight. Samardzija has pitch decent so far this season in three road starts in tough spots, at Colorado and Milwaukee, good hitters’ parks and at the Dodgers who hit righties well. So pitching against the Marlins and their .120 ISO (5th worst) while facing Jarred Cosart should put Samardzija in a great position to pitch well and pick up a win.

Gio Gonzalez (FD-$9,000 / DK-$9,100)

I am not as confident in this pick as I am with Samardzija as Gonzalez faces a Twins team that hit lefties pretty well last year but so far this season they have started out slow with a .092 ISO (4th worst) and will be short a hitter tonight playing in the NL at Washington. Plus Gonzalez should have a good chance for the win with the Nationals as one of the biggest favorites tonight.


Nick Tropeano (FD-$5,800 / DK-$6,100)

I had some trouble deciding on my Darkhorse pick tonight. At first, I look at Aaron Sanchez pitching at home against the A’s. While Sanchez has been good at home he struggles against lefties and the A’s can load up with some good lefty hitters. Sanchez Then I looked at Patrick Corbin against the Pirates as a home favorite with some strikeout upside but the temperature is supposed to be in the low 90s with the wind blowing out to right field. Corbin Finally, I looked at Tropeano who is cheap on both sites and has pitched well in both of his first two starts. He has some strikeout upside with a 9.1 K/9 over 37+ innings last season and faces a Mariners team that has a 22.4% K-rate against righties so far this season. I would even consider pairing him with Hernandez in Cash games on two-pitcher sites. Otherwise, he is a good GPP option tonight.

On the Hill – Results


Date Type Pitcher DK $ DK Pts Grade
20-Apr Ace Madison Bumgarner 11400 24.15 B
20-Apr Value Chris Archer 8500 3.15 F
20-Apr Value Joe Ross 8100 2.70 F
20-Apr Dark Drew Pomeranz 6300 34.80 A+



Type A+ A B C D F Tot DK Cost DK Pts DO Score
Ace 2 3 2 3 0 2 12 $11,333 20.43 3.92
Value 2 0 4 9 0 9 24 $8,379 12.78 2.08
Dark 4 1 3 1 0 2 11 $6,455 17.96 5.09
  • DK Cost is the average DraftKings cost per pitcher selected
  • DK Pts is the average DraftKings points scored per pitcher selected
  • DO Score is the Daily Overlay score for each type

Come back to DailyOverlay later today for the MLB Consensus list and some sample MLB lineups.

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