We just barely missed out on a clean sweep with our Cash game lineups yesterday as Matt (FanDuel) and I (DraftKings) both won with Stephen (FantasyDraft) just barely missing the cut by three points despite not getting Steven Pearce out of the lineup in time. Tonight we will look to keep the positive momentum going with a full complement of both Cash and GPP lineups including a bonus GPP lineup from Stephen for FantasyDraft.

Here is a list of the “rules” we are following when constructing lineups:

  1. We will make two separate lineups for each site (FanDuel and DraftKings), one for Cash games and one for GPP tournaments.
  2. For Cash games, we will build the core of our lineup from the Consensus list using any player listed regardless of what tier they are in and will be allowed to choose 1 player that is not on the Consensus list that we consider to be a good play.
  3. For GPP games, we are allowed to choose up to add 2-3 players that are not on the Consensus list to help complete a hitter stack or we consider to be a good play.
  4. We can modify any lineup as we see fit for any late-breaking lineup news that opens up good options even if they are not on the Consensus list.

As always be sure to check for late-breaking news regarding weather and lineups.

Entrant – Matt – FanDuel

Cash Game Lineup


Cash Narrative – I was able to get Matz out of my lineup before lock last night and insert Archer. Hendricks seems like a safe Cash game option while saving some salary to roster decent bats. Off the board play is Inciarte. He seems to have gotten things rolling a bit of late.

GPP Lineup


GPP Narrative – Picking on John Lamb worked a couple weeks ago so I’ll do the same tonight. I’ll play the 3-4-5 in the Cardinals lineup which includes, fresh off the DL, Jhonny Peralta. Another 3-ball stack of Diamondbacks and a small stack of Mariners. Seager and Peralta are my off the board plays. A couple of late starts so I may have to do some switcharoos.

Entrant – Brad- DraftKings

Cash Game Lineup


Cash Narrative – Limited pitching options with the Mets/Pirates game off the slate on DraftKings tonight. So I went with Hendricks and Conley as two of my top Cash game options on the slate. A nice mix of value and upside on my hitters tonight with all of them coming from the Consensus list. I prefer Stephen Piscotty over Stanton in Cash tonight but couldn’t figure out a way to squeeze him in.

GPP Lineup


GPP Narrative – Paying down at pitcher for my GPP lineups tonight including Urias who I have a feeling will show why he is a top prospect tonight. By grabbing two cheap pitching options I was able to load up on hitters getting top options across the board. Carpenter was my only off the board play.

Entrant – Stephen- FantasyDraft

Cash Game Lineup


Cash Narrative – I am feeling greedy tonight with my FantasyDraft lineups so I actually made 3. I am only doing 3 tonight so that I can highlight why I have so much fun playing on that site. More on that in a bit. Anyway, Greinke is my top pitching option and I expect him to be the chalk play at home against one of the top K% teams in baseball. Chase Field doesn’t scare me and Greinke should still rack up the Ks even if he does give up a run or two. The only drawback here is I didn’t play Cardinals. I am personally higher on the D-Backs tonight. Oh, and I went off the board here because the value is just too insane to ignore (much like Justin Upton last night). Byron Buxton is on a roll for the Twins, so I can’t ignore value and needed it to fit Hendricks and Greinke in my lineup. Rajai Davis and Justin Turner each made it into my BvP picks if you haven’t checked that out today.

GPP Lineup 1 –

gpp 6-7-16 

GPP Narrative 1 – OK, so I am officially on the “Adam Conley Whisperer” train via our very own Brad Richter. That doesn’t mean I don’t think the Twins are sneaky in an American League ballpark. However, this is a tournament and the Twins are still not very good. Here we have the Cardinals’ 2-3-4 hitters making it into my lineup. I like Yankees tonight too, thus A-Rod and my off-the-board play of Rob Refsnyder against lefty David Huff were able to squeeze in. Josh Donaldson is in a good spot against a young lefty with some struggles and I got a D-Back in as well. Hyun-Soo Kim almost made our Expert Consensus but I can’t ignore that game completely. When making this lineup I felt I was leaving out a lot of great bats to stack the Cards, so that’s how we arrived at my second lineup.

GPP Lineup 2 –

 6-7-16 gpp

GPP Narrative 2 – As I mentioned above, I went with 3 lineups. My off-the-board plays were the two pitchers here and they were one pick away each from making our Consensus. Everyone else you see is on our Consensus list and I wanted to showcase the pricing and position flexibility of FantasyDraft. It’s why I love it so much. The bats I have put into this lineup are ridiculous. You couldn’t make a lineup like this virtually anywhere else. If you haven’t played on FantasyDraft, I encourage you to give it a while. If nothing else, you can have fun using the flexibility and pricing to create ominous-looking lineups. This lineup might score just 50 points, but it’s got huge upside that — in the words of Jake Taylor — could “win the whole ****ing thing.” Good luck all!


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