Short on time tonight so we’ll get right to the lineups. Stephen is providing the FantasyDraft lineups and a DraftKings GPP lineup, while I have supplied FanDuel lineups and a DraftKings Cash game lineup.  Enjoy!

Here is a list of the “rules” we are following when constructing lineups:

  1. We will make two separate lineups for each site (FanDuel and DraftKings), one for Cash games and one for GPP tournaments.
  2. For Cash games, we will build the core of our lineup from the Consensus list using any player listed regardless of what tier they are in and will be allowed to choose 1 player that is not on the Consensus list that we consider to be a good play.
  3. For GPP games, we are allowed to choose up to add 2-3 players that are not on the Consensus list to help complete a hitter stack or we consider to be a good play.
  4. We can modify any lineup as we see fit for any late-breaking lineup news that opens up good options even if they are not on the Consensus list.

As always be sure to check for late-breaking news regarding weather and lineups.

Entrant – Brad – FanDuel

Cash Game Lineup


Cash Narrative – Paying up to get Bumgarner tonight which means I had to go with as many value options from the Consensus list for my hitters but was still able to get some good options including some exposure to the Yankees/Rockies game in Coors Field.

GPP Lineup


GPP Narrative – I’m going to “The Bay”  for a double-stack of Giants and A’s tonight. My off the board plays to finish off the stacks were Belt and Semien. Both of those stack were fairly cheap which allowed me to pay up for Drew Pomeranz (could also go with Jacob deGrom if you want).

Entrant – Brad – DraftKings

Cash Lineup


Cash Narrative – Paying up for Bumgarner so I am heavy on cheap A’s bats from the Consensus tonight.

Entrant – Stephen – DraftKings

GPP Lineup

DK 6-14-16 GPP

GPP Narrative –  I hurriedly threw this DK lineup together. Taijuan is off-the-board but has huge upside against the strikeout-friendly Rays. Brandon Moss was a BvP consideration for me and had I known he would’ve been in the 2-hole tonight I would’ve added him. However, he makes an off-the-board play for me against Doug Fister. Chirino might get swapped if he’s ruled out tonight which I could see as the Rangers are likely easing him back into action. Josh Phegley is the same price, so an easy switch. Good luck tonight all!

Entrant – Stephen – FantasyDraft

Cash Game Lineup

FND 6-14-16 Cash

Cash Narrative – I had my lineups ready to go and then A-Rod was ruled out for tonight’s Coors Field action, so Rob Refsnyder gets the nod as a replacement throughout my lineups. I also am playing 1 DraftKings lineup with Matt out on vacation, but first FantasyDraft. Even with Max Scherzer in my lineup yesterday, I still couldn’t cash in my cash game lineups. I am chasing the A’s tonight after their 14-run effort, BUT the A’s always seem to have the Rangers’ number. Perez is a solid groundball pitcher, but I like the A’s to grind it out against him. I also like the Rangers’ bats against the worst pitcher on the slate – Eric Surkamp. Jason Kipnis is my favorite BvP play of the day against the second worst pitcher on the mound tonight, Chris Young. I was able to stick in the top two priced pitchers of the slate into my cash game lineup and use the Consensus to fill the rest. The rest, we shall see, remains to be seen.

GPP Lineup

 FND 6-14 GPP

GPP Narrative – Bumgarner is the clear cut pitching option tonight, so that’s why he makes both lineups. Salvador Perez is another solid BvP play tonight therefore he is an off-the-board play for me at a cheap price and a stellar hot streak. CarGo and Trout get in as well, both of whom I really like. I hate that I didn’t get in Kris Bryant against Gio, but I wanted to use Jhoulys Chacin as a cheap pitching option with huge upside tonight against the lowly Twins and one of Brad’s “On the Hill” options.



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