A full boat of fifteen games on this Friday. Best of luck!

Here is a list of the “rules” we are following when constructing lineups:

  1. We will make two separate lineups for each site (FanDuel and DraftKings), one for Cash games and one for GPP tournaments.
  2. For Cash games, we will build the core of our lineup from the Consensus list using any player listed regardless of what tier they are in and will be allowed to choose 1 player that is not on the Consensus list that we consider to be a good play.
  3. For GPP games, we are allowed to choose up to add 2-3 players that are not on the Consensus list to help complete a hitter stack or we consider to be a good play.
  4. We can modify any lineup as we see fit for any late-breaking lineup news that opens up good options even if they are not on the Consensus list.

As always be sure to check for late-breaking news regarding weather and lineups.

Entrant – Matt – FanDuel

Cash Game Lineup


Cash Narrative – Roark in the Cash format doesn’t make me feel fantastic. The lineup looks really solid though. My off the board play is Aoki hitting at the top of the Mariners lineup.

GPP Lineup


GPP Narrative – Heavy stack of Diamondbacks and Nationals. Playing the 3-6 in the Dbacks lineup and hoping for some gopher balls in the tiny ballpark in Cincy. Cole as a GPP pitcher offers some nice strikeout upside and hopefully a shutdown of the Phils.

Entrant – Stephen- DraftKings

Cash Game Lineup

DK Cash

Cash Narrative – The last time I fill out four lineups this week, so to avoid a ton of long narratives, I’ll explain myself more in this first narrative. I have Gerrit Cole, Miggy, Bryce Harper, Machado and Bogaerts in every lineup. Daniel Murphy is close and is in 3 of 4. Tanner Roark and Lance McCullers show up a few times as well. What I have faded – Bumgarner, Betts, Lamb, all Cubs (cause they weren’t on the Consensus at all, so keep that in mind with your stacks) and Big Papi. First base is juiced tonight and Miggy is my favorite of all against Jacob Turner. On to my DK lineups, both of which have some off-the-board plays because our Consensus falls short on value. Above, Justin Upton (a BvP pick for me) and Billy Hamilton (leading off) are off-the-board choices for my roster.

GPP Lineup


GPP Narrative – I have 3 off-the-board plays here because I just like some guys more than the Consensus, which doesn’t have a full complement of expert choices tonight. So, we get Forsythe, Nelly Cruz and McCullers off-the-board.

Entrant – Stephen- FantasyDraft

Cash Game Lineup

FND Cash

Cash Narrative – Josh Thole is a sub for the scratched Russell Martin, so that means I am at least following the rules this time around. It was much easier to follow our rules on FantasyDraft tonight due the allowance of playing any IF and 2 UTIL players instead of certain positions. Polanco and Goldy will be low owned in this contest, but are always solid cash game plays in my book.

GPP Lineup


GPP Narrative – McCullers and Cruz make it again as off-the-board plays. I love this lineup and I hope my love for Gerrit Cole pays off instead of crapping out. If Cole fumbles, it will be the ultimate upper decker for my lineups.

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