Tonight marks the first set of lineups we are producing with a game at Coors on the slate and as you would expect our we made sure we have some exposure to that game.

Here is a list of the “rules” we are following when constructing lineups:

  1. We will make two separate lineups for each site (FanDuel and DraftKings), one for Cash games and one for GPP tournaments.
  2. For Cash games, we will build our entire lineup from the Consensus list using any player listed regardless of what tier they are in.
  3. For GPP games, we are allowed to choose up to add 2-3 players that are not on the Consensus list to help complete a hitter stack or we consider to be a good play.
  4. We can modify any lineup as we see fit for any late-breaking lineup news that opens up good options even if they are not on the Consensus list.

As always be sure to check for late-breaking news regarding weather and lineups.

Entrant – Matt – FanDuel

Cash Game Lineup


Cash Narrative – This is by far the longest I’ve spent tinkering with my lineups so far. I wanted to squeeze in as many Rockies and Giants as possible but it was difficult to do with salary constraints. Wanted to play one of the front line starting pitchers in my cash lineup but it was near impossible so I’m rolling with Santiago.

GPP Lineup


GPP Narrative – Playing Sanchez, who I think has a really high upside as a GPP play tonight, allowed me to spend a bit more on hitters. Really wanted to find a way to get Pence and Belt in the GPP lineup along with the three Rockies (Arenado, Gonzalez, Parra) and I was able to do it. The only off the board play is Escobar. Contemplated going off the board with Graveman as my pitcher but thought better of it.

Entrant – Brad- DraftKings

Cash Game Lineup


Cash Narrative – I don’t trust the cheaper pitching option in the Consensus tonight so I am paying up for Syndergaard and Gonzalez. Thanks to a few cheaper options at the top of some lineups with the A’s (Phegley batting 2nd and Valencia batting 4th) and the Indians (Davis batting 1st and Lindor batting 3rd) I was able to get four players from the Giants/Rockies game into my Cash game lineup.

GPP Lineup


GPP Narrative – I am going to completely fade the Giants/Rockies game in my GPP lineup today and instead go with two mini-stacks with the Red Sox and the Blue Jays. The Red Sox will likely still be pretty highly owned but not a much as a night when there isn’t a game at Coors Field. I think the Blue Jays will be lower owned and should be able to put up some runs against Tanaka in a game at home in Toronto. Rounded out my hitters with Phegley as my favorite catcher tonight along with Cruz facing a lefty. With all of the high-priced bats I had to pay down at pitcher tonight and went with a couple of pitchers I liked tonight in my “On the Hill” article from today.


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