Baseball is baaaaack!!  I’m one of the few surviving fans that is all about MLB, all the time.  Sports are great and I’m a fan of them all but MLB is my main squeeze.  Spending your childhood sitting at the kitchen table every evening listening to Jack Buck and Mike Shannon will do that to a man.  Last summer I spent most of my DailyOverlay time writing our pitcher grading breakdown on a daily basis.  After some internal discussions, we have switched up some of the content that you will find on a daily basis.  The changes will be for the better and we hope that you enjoy these Expert Consensus articles that are similar to the ones we’ve done for NCAAF, NFL and NBA.

Here at DailyOverlay, we will help provide you with who the top MLB experts are when it comes to recommending players. We will provide the MLB Industry Consensus article each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday aggregating together numerous sites and experts to give you a list of which players are being selected the most often for each given day. We will also then grade these experts to provide you with information on which sites you should be including in your daily process to evaluate the player pool. The Industry Consensus can also serve as a good measure of which players are going to be the most owned to help you think about contrarian strategies for players to use in large GPP tournaments.

Finally, we will be also providing some example lineups for FanDuel and DraftKing each day primarily based off of the Industry Consensus list to consider using or tweaking for your own use. Look for these lineup examples about a half hour before lineup lock.

Below are the expert consensus picks for the Night Slate based on 9 expert sites.  The number in parenthesis shows how many experts picked that particular player.


  • Scott Kazmir (7x)
  • Jon Lester (6x)
  • Justin Verlander (6x)
  • Johnny Cueto (5x)
  • Jonathon Niese (3x)
  • Michael Wacha (3x)


  • Wellington Castillo (6x)
  • Derek Norris (3x)
  • Buster Posey (3x)


  • Brandon Belt (7x)
  • Miguel Cabrera (5x)
  • Paul Goldschmidt (4x)
  • Buster Posey (3x)


  • Joe Panik (8x)
  • Ian Kinsler (4x)
  • Ben Zobrist (4x)
  • Rougned Odor (3x)
  • Chris Owings (3x)


  • Trevor Story (5x)
  • Jean Segura (4x)
  • Ketel Marte (3x)
  • Corey Seager (3x)
  • Chris Owings (3x)


  • Kris Bryant (4x)
  • Jake Lamb (4x)
  • Kyle Seager (4x)
  • Nick Castellanos (3x)
  • Danny Valencia (3x)
  • Corey Seager (3x)


  • David Peralta (8x)
  • J.D. Martinez (5x)
  • Nelson Cruz (5x)
  • Ben Zobrist (4x)
  • Denard Span (4x)
  • Carlos Gonzalez (3x)
  • Danny Valencia (3x)

Come back tomorrow for our next round of the MLB Industry Expert Consensus.  Follow me on Twitter at @mbutlerok.


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