Welcome to this Wednesday edition of BvP for MVP. Thanks for continuously returning to check out our picks utilizing BvP stats and data. I definitely appreciate it.

Today is the weekly Wednesday split, so we will be concentrating on the night slate of action. Sorry, no Clayton Kershaw today, but it’s not like I or anyone else needs to tell you to use that guy every time he takes the hill.

As for tonight, I sat in disgust for a bit because we and I have to endure the likes of Bud Norris, one of my DFS Banes.


So this meme exists, and pretty much sums up how I feel about ol’ Bud Norris. So yea, target the hell out of the bats against him if you wish and you likely will be disappointed. However, I am going to turn my attention to Mike Pelfrey, the Silly Putty of the slate.

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Freddie Freeman – 1B – Braves – vs. Anthony deSclafani

BvP: 1-for-4, 2 BB, 1 SB

Analysis: Yep, he’s here again. I hope it’s not because I’m stubborn and REALLY want to hit on Freeman for once because I feel like I have haven’t at all this year. It probably hasn’t helped that his team is the epitome of mediocrity, but nonetheless, Freeman is here again and he’s in a plum spot. DeSclafani has been a ruptured artery for fantasy production for left-handed bats. In limited action this season, he owns a .509 wOBA, .462 BAA and a 33.3% hard contact rate against lefties. It’s Hot Lanta these days with summer on us, so expect a little more run production than usual from the Braves (yes, that is not a joke)

Brian Dozier – 2B – Twins – vs. Hector Santiago

BvP: 5-for-12, 3 2B, 1 RBI, 1 SB

Analysis: Does Dozier wreck shop against lefties? Check. Is Hector Santiago an extreme fly-ball pitcher (0.91 GB/FB? Check Is Santiago in bad form? Check. Is Dozier on a hot streak? Check. Despite this game at Angel Stadium, I like Dozier as both a cash game and GPP play tonight. Grab the Doz while he’s hot.

Adam Eaton – OF, Jose Abreu – 1B and Todd Frazier – 3B – White Sox – vs. Mike Pelfrey

Eaton BvP: 4-for-10, 1 3B

Abreu BvP: 4-for-11, 1 2B

Frazier BvP: 2-for-5, 2 RBI, 1 BB

Analysis: A three-for-1 deal today produces Eaton, Abreu and Frazier. The White Sox have been a scrappy team all year long, but their strength is against RH pitching. Abreu is a reverse-splits bat that pummels RHs. Frazier usually is a lefty masher, but he’s been more of a guy that sends balls deep against right handers as well. Eaton has been removed from his lead-off spot, but has been hitting in the 2-hole behind rookie Tim Anderson. I think these three along with Anderson at the cheap-going rate of $2,000 on DK are a perfect GPP stack tonight, and quite possibly a solid option for cash games if you dare.

Corey Kluber – SP – Indians – vs. Kansas City Royals

PvB: 49-240, 12 2B, 4 HR, 22 RBI, 10 BB, 60 Ks

Analysis: So Corey Kluber is becoming reliable again? It’s about time. He was one of my favorite pitches to use in DFS before he fell off the wagon. It looks like he is rounding into form once again. He’s the top-priced pitcher on DraftKings, but is against a team that doesn’t strikeout as much as we would like, but they are susceptible to collecting three strikes at times. The weather is warm in KC, but it’s still pitcher-friendly Kaufmann Stadium, and outside of Eric Hosmer, Kluber has had a lot of success against the KC bats. Kluber has pitched much better on the road than at home this season with a 2.96 ERA. He’s faced the Royals once this season and walked away with 27.1 DK fantasy points. The price is steeper tonight, but I wouldn’t be unhappy with that kind of performance again.

BvP Lineup

BvP - 6-15-16

Lineup Analysis: To fit Kluber in tonight, I had to save salary somewhere so with 3 CWS already I went down to Freddie instead of Abreu, though I still love Abreu tonight. Cespedes and BrOdubel are in great spots today and Drew Smyly is a guy that I could spend money on with what was left. I hope he still has double-digit K potential in him somewhere, but the Mariners are a hot team right now, but do struggle with more then lefties than right handed pitchers.

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