Well, I had this whole little story about my daughter and her sleep habits, and tied it back to DFS baseball habits, but it was too late before I realized my computer dropped its ability to function and I lost it all.

It was probably a waste of your time anyway, but me having it written and no way to save what I typed also was a waste of time.

So, we are moving along quickly. Check out dailybaseballdata.com for tonight’s BvP data.

Lastly, hope you like the new format. As a reminder, I will now be providing 5 cash game options, my favorite GPP BvP play and a pitcher (when applicable). Shout out to Brad for suggesting I provide BvP data as it shows below to better my presentation. Great idea! Also, to all of you, good luck tonight!

J.D. Martinez – OF – Tigers – vs. Yordano Ventura – DraftKings – $4,300

BB% vs. R ISO vs. R Hard% vs. R BAA vs. R wOBA vs. R wRC+ vs. R Martinez BvP
10.0 % 0.24 38.4 % 0.299 0.386 143 5-for-13, 2 2B, 5 BB

Analysis: I basically hate everything about Yordano Ventura. But I love targeting hitters against him when he’s on the road. J.D. annihilates RH pitching and does it with flair at home to the tune of a .356 batting average with 9 HRs and 26 RBIs at Comerica Park. As a cash game play, Martinez’s ability to draw walks and Ventura’s ability to provide free passes, increases J.D.’s floor.

Joey Votto – 1B – Reds – vs. Andrew Cashner – DraftKings – $5,300

BB% vs. R ISO vs. R Hard% vs. R BAA vs. R wOBA vs. R wRC+ vs. R Votto BvP
19.4 % 0.233 45.6 % 0.315 0.419 162 4-for-7, 2 3B, 4 BB

Analysis: Before checking out Votto’s success against RH pitching, I didn’t even realize how great he really is vs. righties (shame on me). He destroys them! Cashner is a mess of a pitcher that struggles with batters from both sides of the plate. Votto somehow doesn’t hit as well at home this season, but his matchup outweighs any split struggles. Votto is hot fire right now with 16 hits in his past 10, including 4 multi-hit efforts. Votto’s ability to draw walks and make hard contact should give you great confidence in trusting him in cash games.

Ian Desmond – OF – Rangers – vs. Sean Manaea – DraftKIngs – $4,700

BB% vs. L ISO vs. L Hard% vs. L BAA vs. L wOBA vs. L wRC+ vs. L Desmond BvP
3.8 % 0.195 31.7 % 0.358 0.391 142 3-for-8, 1 2B, 1 HR

Analysis: We have a little stack action tonight with both Desmond and Beltre. Both can be used in cash games separately, but I wouldn’t mind stacking them in cash or GPPs tonight. Desmond has been a great addition for the Rangers this season at the top of the order. He has crushed lefties this year and has already had some success against Manaea this season. Desmond isn’t as expensive as Beltre below, which is an even better argument to stick him in your lineups tonight. Well, if you aren’t sure, Manaea’s .356 wOBA should help you along.

Adrian Beltre – 3B – Rangers – vs. Sean Manaea – DraftKings – $5,100

BB% vs. L ISO vs. L Hard% vs. L BAA vs. L wOBA vs. L wRC+ vs. L Beltre BvP
11.4 % 0.257 42.3 % 0.339 0.424 164 3-for-6

Analysis: Beltre has been on a tear of late, including belting his 11th career grand slam a couple nights ago. The weather isn’t as hot as usual right now in Texas (and I wish this weather continue personally) so I am a tad bit worried the expectations for runs in this game might be a little much. However, the Rangers may only put up 4 or 5 instead of the 7 or 8 we all would like. In the middle of those runs scored, Beltre should be right there, smacking around Manaea and hopefully adding his first home run off of the A’s rookie southpaw.

Aaron Altherr – Phillies – vs. Scott Kazmir

BB% vs. L ISO vs. L Hard% vs. L BAA vs. L wOBA vs. L wRC+ vs. L Altherr BvP
16.7 % 0.25 38.5 % 0.3 0.412 159 1-for-3, 1 2B

Analysis: Don’t hate. Altherr has been a great, young talent for the Phillies since being given regular playing time. He’s got 11 hits in his past 10 and hits in the two-hole (more ABs, means more opportunities in cash games!). He’s been the best hitter for the Phillies against southpaws and Kazmir has been prone to the long ball this season vs. RH bats (1.6 HR/9 rate). Citizens Bank Park is a hitter-friendly arena for baseball, too and I feel Altherr is a solid salary saver for your cash game lineup this evening.

Chris Owings – OF/SS – Diamondbacks – vs. Jon Niese – DraftKIngs – $5,000 – GPP Play of the Day

BB% vs. L ISO vs. L Hard% vs. L BAA vs. L wOBA vs. L wRC+ vs. L Owings BvP
6.9 % 0.239 36.4 % 0.299 0.372 128 4-for-8, 1 2B, 2 3B, 1 BB

Analysis: Owings has been killing at the plate lately, thus his price has ballooned astronomically. This makes him a great GPP play and the inflated price for a guy who is normally in the high 2s, low 3s, has me thinking there’s something to read into the pricing model that assigned Owings this price. Maybe he is overpriced right now, but he’s been taking care of business against lefties and Niese is terrible. Facing the D-Backs at Chase Field doesn’t help his cause. But neither does his .372 wOBA and 1.97 HR/9 rate vs. RH bats.

Yu Darvish – SP – Rangers – vs. Oakland Athletics

11.6 1.21 0.279 2.77 2.89 16-for-55, 1 2B, 2 3B, 2 HR,14 Ks

Analysis: Yu hasn’t pitched much this season, but I think this will be his third time in this spot. He’s the best pitcher of the slate with a solid matchup against the hapless A’s. The only thing that worries me here is that the A’s play the Rangers tough in every game, but hopefully Yu and Lucroy will work well together to sit down A after A. Oakland doesn’t strikeout a lot, but that doesn’t matter against an elite talent such as Yu. If he keeps the balls in the park, he should be a lock for a win and a solid 6 to 7 inning effort with close to, or right at, double-digit Ks.

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