An 11-game Wednesday night slate has another wind-aided game playing at Wrigley Field between the Cubs and Reds leading to the Cubs coming in as the most popular stack of the day. Pitching is a little dicier without any true ace pitching options, yet on starting pitcher has risen to the top in the eyes of the DFS experts.

The Weighted Consensus for the MLB is where we publish a more in-depth version of the MLB Consensus rankings every day that considers each expert’s current DailyOverlay score to generate a Weighted Consensus ranking.  To calculate the Weighted Rank Score, each expert’s DailyOverlay score for hitters and pitchers is weighted on a sliding scale from 1 to 5 with the top expert in the current standings being weighted with a five while the last place expert is weighted with a one. This method gives the higher rated experts picks more weight when compiling the overall player rankings for the day. We will include all players that generate a Rank Score of at least 6.0.

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Scroll to the bottom of the article for the “Top Stacks” section that lists out the teams with the most hitters being recommended by the experts today. Also, be sure to check each team’s lineup when it is released and watch the weather before finalizing your lineups tonight.

Let’s play ball!


NamePosTeam PriceCash %GPP %Rank Score
Michael PinedaSPNYY $ 10,10055%39%35.86
Matt ShoemakerSPLAA $   8,80027%24%18.74
Gerrit ColeSPPIT $   8,60017%18%15.49
Jhoulys ChacinSPSD $   7,10012%13%12.49
Joe BiaginiSPTOR $   6,0008%10%8.09
Jacob TurnerSPWAS $   6,6008%10%6.56
Jason VargasSPKC $   8,4005%7%6.16



NamePosTeam PriceCash %GPP %Rank Score
Jonathan LucroyCTEX $   3,90025%19%19.78
Willson ContrerasCCHC $   3,10016%13%13.70
Gary SanchezCNYY $   4,60013%11%12.96



NamePosTeam PriceCash %GPP %Rank Score
Miguel Cabrera1BDET $   4,20033%21%22.23
Anthony Rizzo1BCHC $   4,40021%15%19.64
Victor Martinez1BDET $   3,40015%11%11.94
Joey Votto1BCIN $   4,70010%9%11.04
Matt Holliday1B/OFNYY $   4,1007%7%10.56



NamePosTeam PriceCash %GPP %Rank Score
Ian Happ2BCHC $   2,70023%16%22.44
Rougned Odor2BTEX $   4,10021%15%21.10
Yolmer Sanchez2B/3BCWS $   2,30011%10%11.69
Brian Dozier2BMIN $   4,7009%8%8.32
Ben Zobrist2B/OFCHC $   3,6006%6%6.16



NamePosTeam PriceCash %GPP %Rank Score
Addison RussellSSCHC $   3,30013%12%13.62
Elvis AndrusSSTEX $   4,00010%9%10.39
Hernan PerezOF/SSMIL $   3,5006%6%7.58
Zack CozartSSCIN $   3,6007%8%7.47



NamePosTeam PriceCash %GPP %Rank Score
Kris Bryant3BCHC $   5,10014%12%16.92
Miguel Sano3BMIN $   4,90014%12%13.47
Joey Gallo3BTEX $   4,40010%10%13.27
Yolmer Sanchez2B/3BCWS $   2,30011%10%11.69
David Freese3BPIT $   3,20014%12%9.88
Maikel Franco3BPHI $   3,9007%8%7.83
Ryan Schimpf3BSD $   3,5005%6%7.61



NamePosTeam PriceCash %GPP %Rank Score
Kyle SchwarberOFCHC $   3,80041%25%30.03
Nomar MazaraOFTEX $   4,00032%21%25.82
Mike TroutOFLAA $   5,60024%17%18.29
Khris DavisOFOAK $   3,90020%14%16.51
Aaron JudgeOFNYY $   4,90020%14%15.18
J.D. MartinezOFDET $   4,30020%14%13.16
Matt Holliday1B/OFNYY $   4,1007%7%10.56
Billy HamiltonOFCIN $   4,40010%9%9.08
Hernan PerezOF/SSMIL $   3,5006%6%7.58
Carlos GonzalezOFCOL $   3,70010%9%7.47
Bryce HarperOFWAS $   5,7006%6%6.91
Leury GarciaOFCWS $   2,6006%6%6.21
Ben Zobrist2B/OFCHC $   3,6006%6%6.16


  • Positions and Price based on DraftKings

Top Stacks of the Night

  • Cubs (7) – Schwarber, Happ, Rizzo, Bryant, Contreras, Russell, Zobrist
  • Rangers (5) – Mazara, Odor, Lucroy, Gallo, Andrus
  • Reds (3) – Votto, Hamilton, Cozart
  • Tigers (3) – Cabrera, JD Martinez, V Martinez
  • Yankees (3) – Judge, Sanchez, Holliday

Hope you find the right combination to cash!



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