PGA Expert Grading


PGA Expert Selection Grading

The Daily Overlay team keeps track of the top PGA experts in the Daily Fantasy Sports world. We compile this information before and after each tournament to share with Daily Overlay visitors. Hopefully this data will help separate the the good experts from great, and help you make some cash with your lineup.

A+ A B C D F
Great play for GPP Win High GPP money In the money GPP Possible GPP money Will need lots of help from others A total Fail with this pick

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Last updated November 21st

ExpertPicksA+ABCDFDO Score
Get PicksDailyFantasyInsider61111023.33
Brandon Raper - FanSided294379243.31
Get PicksChris Durell - DailyFantasySportsRankings40618131112.90
Get Picksfantasygolfmetrics.com709513217152.90
Get PicksDailyOverlay Consensus1421516303810332.86
Get PicksJosh Culp - FutureofFantasy1741621344419402.72
Seth Finkelstein - Rotoballer262294452.65
Get PicksDrew Phelps - Fantasy Alarm1241112263012332.58
epatterson - DFSonDemand292298172.55
Get Picksthefantasygolf.com47458134132.53
Get PicksPat Mayo - rotoexperts10871422296302.50
Geoff Ulrich - thesportsgeek.com54561096182.48
Ryan Baroff - Scout & DailyOverlay8877191913232.42
Get PicksLen Hochberg - Rotowire10085192710312.26
Get Picksstlcards84 - RotoGrinders242049182.13