NBA Expert Grading

The Daily Overlay team keeps track of top NBA expert predictions. We then grade this information each week and share it with our visitors and top performing experts. Our goal is to see who is great, who is really good, and who is not so hot, so you will know who to trust. If you think your predictions could make it to the top of the list let us know in the comments below and we may add you to the grading.

Note: We weight A+ selections very high because the payout is much higher. Our grading consists of the selections each site has up. If the site is late getting picks available, they may not be included. We grade each NBA player against overall scoring, rank of scoring, scoring value(score/salary). They then receive an average grade from those 3 scales.

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Great play for GPP WinHigh GPP moneyIn the money GPPPossible GPP moneyWill need lots of help from othersA total Fail with this pick

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Updated weekly. Last updated: March 27, 2017

Cash InExpertSelectionsA+ABCDFScore
Get PicksFantasyTeamAdvice48117464696357545.09
Get PicksRotogrinders Lineup Builder619215741067381704.95
Get PicksFantasyLabs12764121821991891751194.84
Get PicksRotoGrinders Consensus15685022072832132251384.82
Get PicksDraftKings Playbook1015319145170157131934.80
Get PicksDailyOverlay - Value Index1685419342023184.76
Get PicksRotogrinders NBA Grind Down18995872683432602581834.75
Get PicksDailyFantasyNerd613190841128283624.74
Get PicksFantasyAlarm19355722833472702671964.64
Industry Consensus30419024035534304353184.60
Get PicksDailyRoto31509314005844494493374.57
Get PicksScout Fantasy15714811942442022432074.56
Get PicksRotogrinders 6-pack3219144565161184.55
Get PicksRotowire700206951279091914.55
Get PicksDailyOverlay - The Process2707545453549214.55
Get PicksDailyFantasySportsRankings11393351351921771771234.51
Get PicksCBS Sportsline55715981957582654.51
Get PicksFantasyWired (now PokerNewsSports)2266924383031344.49
Get PicksRotoballer590168811057695654.49
Get PicksFanSided19995462453612833112534.32
Get PicksFantasyPros14913731372362042832583.90
Get PicksDFSonDemand1894220373135243.85
Get PicksFantasyGuruElite3456839596656573.59
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