*** I’m using DraftKings’ pricing, so the picks will be geared towards that site.  But assuming there isn’t a major difference in salary, these plays can be used anywhere.  And as always, make sure to check for the latest injury news and lineup changes. ***

PG Chris Paul $9600 v. Sacramento

Paul has been averaging nearly 50 FPPG over the last 10 days, and he gets a juicy match-up with the Sacramento Kings tonight.  Rajon Rondo, once a terrific defender, has totally checked out on D.  He’s more interested in generating fantasy stats and chasing that last big contract than bringing it on both ends.  CP3 is the clear choice for top scorer on the night.

C Pau Gasol $8600 v. Atlanta

I’ve started targeting bigs against the Hawks, and it’s been paying off.  Throw in the usage vacuum created by Jimmy Butler’s injury, and it’s an ideal spot for Pau.  A minor concern might be his health, as he’s allegedly under the weather.  But that was the case two nights ago when he went for 10/15/9, so I’m not all that worried.

PG Kyle Lowry $8400 v. Cleveland

Kyrie’s back and Tristan Thompson is playing major minutes… that’s a dream pairing for opposing point guards.  I don’t usually target players from games that feature two slow-paced teams that play solid defense, but I expect a disproportionate percentage of production to come from Lowry in what should be a competitive game.  That was a mouthful of a sentence; congrats if you made it all the way through.

C DeAndre Jordan $7900 v. Sacramento

Foul trouble is obviously a concern, but we’re playing for first.  The Kings play fast and poorly; making them the team to target night in and night out.  I wouldn’t be shocked if Jordan grabbed 20+ rebounds tonight.

C Al Horford $7100 v. Chicago

Horford has seen a pretty big uptick in his minutes of late (38, an OT aided 44, and 39 in his last three), and he draws a plus match-up with the Bulls tonight.  If he continues to see 38+ minutes, he should be a lock for 6x value.

PF Kristaps Porzingis $6500 v. Orlando

Given that Magic’s lack of perimeter shooting, it should come as no surprise that Porzingis has 10 blocks in two games against the Magic this season.  That’s a nice little cushion built into his fantasy output.  He’s played 30+ in six of his last seven, so the minutes are there.  If he makes a few buckets, he could be in for a huge game tonight.

SG J.J. Redick $5100 v. Sacramento

Another Clipper, but this one comes at a great price.  He should see about 30 minutes and 15 shots tonight, and a match-up with the Kings should bump up his peripherals a little.  If he gets hot from 3, it could be a monster night.

SF Jeff Green $5000 v. Sacramento

Paul Pierce is out, and I have to think Doc wants to get Green some minutes that would otherwise have gone to Wes Johnson.  As a jack of all trades, master of none-type, Green has big-time potential tonight against the Kings.  Steals, rebounds, points in transition, etc… it’ll all be there for Jeff.  Given his likely minutes bump, I really like Green at this price.

C Ian Mahinmi $5000 v. Charlotte

Mahinmi has been averaging 30.6 FP in 32.0 MPG over his last four, and it’s a slightly plus match-up for him tonight with Charlotte coming to town.  Casual players will likely go with Turner over Mahinmi, and a depressed ownership is never a bad thing.

SF Jerami Grant $4300 v. Washington

This is admittedly a bit of a flier, but it’s a reasonable gamble.  I think he gets 27 minutes tonight, and the Wizards are becoming Sacramento East.  Given Grant’s ability to fill up a box score, he has a shot at 10x value tonight IMO.

As an aside, the Mavericks make for fine cash plays tonight.  Nowitzki, Pachulia, Williams, Parsons, and even Matthews… take your pick.

Good luck!


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