I’m a bit of a legal nut and I like to go through legal documents and comment about how they may or may not work.   In the past, I’ve managed legal departments at a few companies and the job consisted of reading, writing and interpreting legal documents (primarily contracts, but occasionally other forms of law), so when the Massachusetts AG came out with the proposed regulations for Daily Fantasy Sports (my passion), then I let the two worlds collide and decided to write some commentary on the regulations.    I’ve attached the regulations below (click and you will open the .pdf), which include my commentary within the document.

While writing my commentary, I also came across the comments Roger Goodell made about the “distinction” between DFS and season long, so I start my comments in the document below with my rebuttal to Goodell, then I jump into my comments on the regulations.

While I am at it, I must also point out that DFS and the stock market function in much the same way…studying the fundamentals, understanding the details and putting in the work and you can be successful.   You can also throw a dart and win that way as well, but it happens a lot less often.   It’s a sad state of affairs when the NY AG decides to go after something he doesn’t even try to understand.  Fantasy Sports is a lot of fun, but it also requires hard work, like any other successful venture to be consistently good….ok…on with the comments:



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