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  • ExpertTotal PicksA+ABCDFDK Points/$1000Daily Overlay Score
    RotoGrinders - Consensus162351782036462.3573.30
    DailyOverlay - On the Hill1503414101521562.3433.27
    DailyOverlay - Stacks9720114912412.0653.06
    RotoGrinders - 6-pack4184166162.3222.95
    DraftKings Playbook14733761322662.0732.93
    RotoGrinders - Lineup Builder9214971113382.1102.62
    DailyOverlay - Industry Consensus44577322444452232.0902.55

  • ExpertTotal PicksA+ABCDFDK Points/$1000Daily Overlay Score
    RotoGrinders - 6-pack32000102.7297.00
    DraftKings Playbook2510316232.1325.28
    RotoGrinders - Consensus4819628672.0595.17
    RotoGrinders - Lineup Builder2410302451.9455.13
    DailyOverlay - On the Hill3614235482.0024.81
    DailyOverlay - Industry Consensus9435841313211.9784.69

  • Cash InExpertPicksA+ABCDF2017 Score
    Get PicksFantasyTeamAdvice1894422351612603.70
    Get PicksRotowire1323510151512453.69
    Get PicksProFootballFocus29967364327261003.54
    Get PicksGoingFor2133328191915403.53
    Get PicksDailyRoto570124607457651903.41
    Get PicksRotoGrinders - Lineup Builder1532915331814443.36
    Get PicksFantasyLabs29062264633191043.36
    Get PicksRotoGrinders - Consensus44089516148531383.36
    Get PicksSportsline1533019261019493.35
    Get PicksDailyFantasyNerd1513413131521553.28
    Get PicksDailyFantasySportsRankings2474924372926823.26
    Get PicksDailyFantasyCafe46188517146491563.23
    Get PicksDailyOverlay - Hot Sheet42475396951501403.08
    Get PicksFantasyAlarm602110657368772093.08
    Get PicksRotoballer128239251218413.06
    Get PicksFantasyGuruElite43577476047461583.05
    Get PicksDraftKings - Playbook199449191229862.99
    Get PicksDailyOverlay - Value Index127257141618472.97
    Get PicksIndustry Consensus88115679122921043282.96
    Get PicksFantasyPros43878315351501752.84
    Get PicksFantasyCPR14022718921632.49

  • Cash InExpertSelectionsA+ABCDFScore
    Get PicksFantasyLabs12734431632201581681215.02
    Get PicksFantasyTeamAdvice 576194731056779584.92
    Get PicksDaily Overlay - Hot Sheet887284110181108129754.82
    Get PicksRotoGrinders Consensus18876102143602522561954.77
    Get PicksRotoballer50315675806089434.74
    Get PicksRotogrinders Lineup Builder7402417314196115744.74
    Industry Consensus 29519053535614034402894.66
    Get PicksFantasyGuruElite15164641662902092191684.60
    Get PicksDailyOverlay - Value Index47915047915679564.59
    Get PicksRotogrinders NBA Grind Down 26928062995183744122834.56
    Get PicksDK Playbook10733291151781521741254.55
    Get PicksFantasyCPR19235422703732862781744.54
    Get PicksDailyFantasySportsRankings13143981332371912091464.53
    Get PicksDailyFantasyNerd7282207115684106914.53
    Get PicksFantasyAlarm22726542794303193722184.50
    Get PicksRotogrinders 6-pack 2908429604344304.47
    Get PicksDailyRoto29498303785503904803214.44
    Get PicksSportsline73520884139111107864.42
    Get PicksRotowire829214104147131144894.23
    Get PicksScout Fantasy16934501813242293012084.22
    Get PicksGoingFor21593918313025164.14
    Get PicksFantasyPros17684341723112553312653.94

  • ExpertPicksA+ABCDFDO Score
    Chris Etherington - DailyFantasyCafe668711208122.97
    Get Picksfantasygolfmetrics.com1902317385320392.92
    Get Picksthefantasygolf.com1731823374312402.91
    Get PicksChris Durell - DailyFantasySportsRankings117131320318322.78
    Get PicksJosh Culp - FutureofFantasy2852835537030692.75
    Ryan Baroff - Scout2753127565426812.72
    epatterson - DFSonDemand948828235222.71
    Geoff Ulrich - thesportsgeek.com1701618354120402.69
    Get PicksDailyOverlay Consensus414374785104331082.66
    Get PicksDrew Phelps - Fantasy Alarm3532643767740912.54
    Get PicksPat Mayo - rotoexperts3042336637123882.51
    Seth Finkelstein - Rotoballer2211925424126682.48
    Brandon Raper - FanSided544511154152.44
    Get PicksLen Hochberg - Rotowire3042623538033892.39
    Get Picksstlcards84 - RotoGrinders764816233222.33
    Get PicksDailyFantasyInsider2713410182.15

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MLB – The Stack – April 20

MLB – The Stack – April 20

Happy 4/20 Day! You might need a joint for DFS baseball tonight to help you get through researching and building lineups. I say that because today we have a full 15 games of baseball to weed through and digest. It is the first time all year we have had every single...

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MLB – On the Hill – Thursday (April 19)

Thursday brings a small five-game main slate where I’m not going to get too cute with my pitching options. The mid-priced and value options scare the hell out of me so in Cash games, I’m going straight to the top including for both of my pitchers on two-pitcher sites....

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MLB – On the Hill – Wednesday (April 18)

With Wednesday’s split slate of MLB action, I’ll focus on the seven-game evening slate which has numerous high-priced pitchers to consider. There is not much value on the pitching side but there is some value bats and a couple of sneaky stacks that could pay off. One...

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MLB – The Stack – April 18 (All Day)

FRANCISCO LINDOR PUERTO RICO NARRATIVE DAY!!! Ugh, I completely forgot about this when making lineups on Monday. Tilted. Hopefully you made money off of it in some way. He was popular at shortstop on Tuesday. As for Wednesday, we have two slates, as usual. So what we...

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MLB – On the Hill – Tuesday (April 17)

The Tuesday night 12-game MLB slate sets up nicely with a good mix of high-priced pitching and hitting stacks in good spots along with some value options that allow us to pay up for those pitchers and hitters. There are two pitchers that stand out from my research,...

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MLB – The Stack – April 17

Rain, snow, frigid temps and ice through a roof... These are the reasons for all of the postponements we've seen in MLB over the past few days. Seems like this has been one of the craziest openings to a baseball season due to weather that I can remember, especially...

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