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  • ExpertTotal PicksA+ABCDFDailyOverlay Score
    Get PicksDailyRoto21604371801122961489872.94
    Get PicksRotoGrinders Consensus222642319210629415710542.81
    Get PicksDailyFantasySportsRankings.com10121977748130824782.81
    Get PicksFantasyTeamAdvice6171154632100432812.79
    Get PicksRotowire12722982411532.74
    Get PicksDailyOverlay - BvP for MVP39076291538242082.69
    Get PicksDK Playbook10741967755137885212.67
    Get PicksRotoGrinders 6-Pack42974422348272152.66
    Get PicksFantasyAlarm208335717610326214010452.60
    Get PicksESPN Daily Notes125320810278163966062.59
    Get PicksMoxyball - Cheat Sheet753121694586533792.54
    Get PicksDailyFantasyCafe754124604195603742.54
    Get PicksIndustry Consensus240740916112324325112202.49
    Get PicksScout Fantasy145422511472165997792.38
    Get PicksRotocurve35550222246241912.23
    Get PicksFantasyWired27539151233241522.15
    Get PicksFantasyPros18182061228719913710671.91

  • ExpertTotal PicksA+ABCDFDailyOverlay Score
    Get PicksDailyOverlay - BvP for MVP62247510885.13
    Get PicksRotoGrinders Consensus32912141305034534.98
    Get PicksDailyFantasySportsRankings.com1896926143214344.97
    Get PicksFantasyTeamAdvice1425218102515224.96
    Get PicksDailyRoto33011448255434554.84
    Get PicksFantasy Alarm39413058305846724.68
    Get PicksDailyFantasyCafe1987019143127374.68
    Get PicksDK Playbook31010037224945574.50
    Get PicksDaily Overlay - On the Hill33110441315827704.47
    Get PicksIndustry Consensus544170664483701114.41
    Get PicksESPN Daily Notes50014568448266954.30
    Get PicksScout Fantasy2918834234046 604.28
    Get PicksRotocurve2517431204031554.25
    Get PicksFantasyWired1413817102022343.95
    Get PicksFantasyPros31896231637411053.89
    Get PicksMoxyball - Cheat Sheet89201361614203.70
    Get PicksRotowire3382057113.24

  • Cash InExpertSelectionsA+ABCDFScore
    Get PicksScout Fantasy1545622282312135.27
    Get PicksRotogrinders NBA Grind Down 1020349134196129114985.02
    Get PicksDailyRoto15035211902632051811435.01
    Industry Consensus 18605812273442702461924.71
    Get PicksFakePigskin2236928383927224.70
    Get PicksDailyOverlay - Double Stuffed 2868735593834334.66
    Get PicksMoxyball - Moxylist 15494582272772192081604.64
    Get PicksRotogrinders 6-pack 37211244606050464.54
    Get PicksFantasyTeamAdvice 7262088514589120794.46
    Get PicksFantasyAlarm15704371793072322431724.39
    Get PicksRotogrinders Expert Tourney Picks6971858214611798694.35
    Get PicksDailyFantasySportsRankings11333101172291551791434.29
    Get PicksDFSonDemand 43912041846676524.25
    Get PicksFanSided27867253344833994623834.17
    Get PicksFantasyBasketball101912213151215144.05

  • Cash InExpertPicksA+ABCDF2016 Score
    Get PicksDailyFantasyNerd3614422594.86
    Get PicksDailyOverlay - Value Index54186651184.61
    Get PicksFantasyTeamAdvice60159986134.07
    Get PicksRotowire53108738173.30
    Get PicksFantasyAlarm1723217311823513.24
    Get PicksRotoGrinders - Consensus1532819201718513.18
    Get PicksRotoballer51131357223.16
    Get PicksProFootballFocus54114499173.13
    Get PicksGoingFor28215813711283.10
    Get PicksDailyOverlay - Offensive Tendencies1382513192013483.08
    Get PicksDailyFantasyCafe1081910171315343.07
    Get PicksDailyFantasySportsRankings86141113811293.03
    Get PicksDailyRoto - Mayo2073919261731753.03
    Get PicksDraftKings - Playbook771568713283.00
    Get PicksRotoGrinders - Lineup Builder4576664162.98
    Get PicksIndustry Consensus32756324333451182.94
    Get PicksESPN - Love/Hate1683111192223622.91
    Get PicksFantasyWired1131811161416382.89
    Get PicksDailyRoto2684132333138932.87
    Get PicksFakePigskin88131211910332.85
    Get PicksFantasyPros1532613181516652.78
    Get PicksScout Fantasy5268779152.77
    Get PicksSportsBlog1762718201922702.73
    Get PicksMoxyball - Cheatsheets1962915271936702.65
    Get PicksDailyOverlay - Receivers vs Secondary120501152.33
    FantasyCruncher (Discontinued due to poor performance)80100250.88

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